Darek143 Bannyed by Admin Bloons3 Salt Thread

did you not read it or what, i killed them not because i tided but because he agreesed against me, i agressed back and they decided to go lethal on me when i was mindshielded. Them being bad i just tossed on on the other and let them QM die whilst trying to save the cap and finally cloning him.

also ur just mad that u got banned lol dont be salty in my thread cuck

bruh you aggressed him in his workplace, he has every right to get the assistant spraying lube who just broke into his workplace out of there…

i didnt, i was cuffed by the cap and he talked shit, stay mad that u dont know what happend

I was the captain in that round dumbie

so thats why ur mad, cuz you got slipped and tossed, so why didnt you talk when i wanted to get you to understand that you saw qm attack me first yet you chose to go lethal on me with him, please explain that bro

…gee why did i shoot the man who is meant to be working with me and the QM to fight the gangs, (on account of being mindshielded and deconverted) who just shot the QM who is literally the lifeline I have to implants???

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yes, i was ment to be with the QM yet he attacked me, so i attacked him back, dont care what he is doing for the station, he can be the CE thats balancing the SM, if he attacks me ill attack back and if he wants to kill me for attacking back he can try to fight me, he initiated afterall. So again, explain why you sided with him when HE attacke ME FIRST and why you refused to talk to me in disposals.

because after getting deconverted you still kept trying to shoot up/lube cargo?

what? can you do a actual response bro, ur dodging the question and its obvious to everyone, why did you side with the QM when he attacked me first and why did you not talk to me in disposals.

ive already answered your quesitons, maybe you should attempt actually reading my responses

im not going to engage with a griefer who just killed someone over nothing and is throwing me into disposals naked while being a troll

so you admit that you saw QM attack me and you still wanted to kill me when it was clearly in self defense. By that you admit to the fact that you, the capitan, saw the QM attack a mindshielded assistant, and when the assistant defended himself you tried to kill the assistant. By that id argue you need a job ban or read up on the rules.

And you never said why you didnt talk in disposals.

heres what I saw, in order;

  1. I arrive at cargo, you’re running around spraying lube everywhere and shoving the QM
  2. I assist the QM at flashing you, I deconvert and uncuff you right away
  3. You shove the QM over, grab his gun, kill him
  4. I shove you over, take your gun and try to get you back in cuffs
  5. you shoot me to soft crit, cuff me, strip me naked, start flaming and then throw me into disposals

I actually did, twice smh

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1 lube everywhere: i was still ganger, when you deconverted me i lubed 1 tile at the QM

2 assist QM flash you: didnt see him trying that he might aswell be afk there

3 shve QM grab gun kill him: just wrong, fully wrong, the admins might need to check the logs but if i recall correctly i threw you onto the QM, took his gun and shot you and him with the WT.


5 you shoot me to softcrit etc: wrong, you and QM critted and you at the same time with the WT as you both was 1 tile away and aiming on a laptop is difficult at times. I took you back from softcrit and took your shit as i said you didnt deserve it for siding with the QM that tried to kill me over something he started. (which is against the rules btw)

didn’t bother helping QM because he was the one that i tried to kill, you was either blind or incompetent or meta friending QM or you think the QM is the only person that can order mindsets so keeping him alive is top priority even if hes attacking people for no valid reason

not sure which one of those reasons to choose

so you admit to still acting like a gang member after being deconverted?

I mean thats actually worse

from my perspective you where a gang member trying to kill the QM for ordering mindshields, which was almost right

so you admit to still acting like a gang member after being deconverted?
not sure if you forgot to read but please point out what i said that makes you think that, if you think that trying to lube the QM for attacking me is “being ganger” ur a lost cause

I mean thats actually worse
explain how self defense is wrong, as we established, he attacked me first, i retaliated, you think IM ganger after YOU mindshielded me

from my perspective you where a gang member trying to kill the QM for ordering mindshields, which was almost right
epxlain how im a ganger if he YOU mindshielded me AND THE QM ATTACKED ME SO I SELF DEFENCED. expain please how thats ganger behavior

bro the QM attacked you because you where lubing cargo AFTER getting deconverted

im done arguing with you lol, let the admins decide

are you [REDACTED] i lubed at him AFTER HE ATTACKED ME FIRST sorry that ist coming to the conclusion you dont want but bro, just admit it, HE ATTACK ME, I ATTACK BACK, YOU TRY TO KILL ME FOR IT. ur just lost or something

admins just need to post the logs because you are shamelessly lying about me doing ganger behavior AFTER being cuffed, mind shielded and released, its a pure lie