Damien jenkins player report report

In-game report: damien jenkisn palyer report

CKEY: doktorwueue

Your Discord: wueue#4999

Offender’s CKEY: soulsruined

Offender’s In-Game Name: Damien jenkins

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-07-28

Round Number: 45102

Rules Broken: rule 3 , rule 7, possible rule 14?

Incident Description: Frist thigns first it seems thats damien jenkisn got hired as a private investigator by security as a curator as they had evidence bags and otherwise no other security equipment on them. From what Protactinium LXXVII said. they over heared Prota saying they are evil too to the clown, the clown later saying to a bunch of people including damien thats the plsmamen is a syndi too.
They then chase prota and demand a search ( there are liek 2-3 officer around). Prota a bit after agrees to a search by a real offcier after damien jenkins insits on it. The officer finds nothing on prota and then dmaien jenkisn demands a implant search ( no evidenc eof a implant used at any point between the two) prota moves to science and dmaien chases them and they get into a scuffle wihich ends with dmaien cutting of protas limbs and prota almsot in crit. apparently he wa spunched a few times by prota before hand. the RD , him and prota talk a bit and prota punches dmaien eladign him to critting them. her eprota succumbs to death ( prota didnt ahelp them for killing i assume thats round as this woudl be banbaiting) damien brigns them to medbay, then carries their dead body around then back to medbay for a implant search. the doctor anxiety complies with their request and implant chesk protacium ( stilld dead) and they find a communications implant. Damien gets told this by anxiety and isntatly say: so a blood brother. later on he helps the captain figth a ling and chases them with the captain. they also use their ghost googles to cofnrim they died ( this is a bit ehhh).

Additional Information: over all they seemed validhunty and a bit metagamey thats round.

I was protactinium this round. It was pretty slow, I had to save Millii, my Blood Brother from lavaland and once I got back, I come back from checking on their cloning attempt in the medbay and see the clowncar, to which I tell the clown “I’m evil too.” The clown of course does not give a shit and proceeds to kidnap me anyway (expected), but Damien overhears this and proceeds to get security to search me. I allow the search as I have nothing incriminating, and attempt to flee the scene but Damien chases me into science. A scuffle ensues, i accidentally initiated an actual fight with a punch but damien had stolen my explorer knife and proceeds to whip it out and hack my leg off in an attempt to… insist that I be checked for implants, I guess. The RD sees this and doesn’t get involved understandably, but at a certain point they(damien) had also shoved me down and taken my explo gun, and after punching them again (honestly bro was just pissing me off) they tried to shoot me with it. Soon after, he stabs me to death. (I deserved it.) The part that irks me is that he insisted so hard that I be checked for implants, even if he was deputized he went way too far and even called me a “blood brother” ic. I do not think they’re here to roleplay in all honesty. My shortterm memory is shot so I might be misremembering things or missing some things.

It should be noted that Damien has other active reports on them.

The clown said that they werent syndie, just got the TC from the mime and bought that car

This isn’t about that, i thought it was great to be honest.


i did because it was blue shift my guy, you even attacked me(punched me 2 times) infront of a sec off then later on infront of rd and i did use force(knife) on you, i was a curator that had a ghost buster gadget that can see ghosts and i can communicate with them(they can hear me talk) i tell them to go right or yes to answer said question or i ask them to lead me to lets say dead bodies or bad people on blue so i can search, if you had a bad round sorry but next time dont hit someone who hasnt harmed you first (from what i remember dont take this 100% my memory is bad)

Yes, I said I punched you first. This was a misinput on my part but you actively pursued me into a department you didn’t have access to (after security had already said I was clean, even), then instead of punching back, you immediately go for the knife. (also tried to shoot me.) Your actions IC aren’t in line with the kind of information a curator (literally librarian) would have on the mechanics of the game, including implants and antagonists. Your custom ID card said PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR not security officer, man.

I had called security first, but you punched me multiple times, i gave you chances but you still kept doing it i was close to the red heath being crit, and you think in IC after i gave you that many chances to keep doing it? Ther was a chance id die, of course ill use a knife, and the so called gun only works on non sentient mobs, i know my job says private investigstor but after talking to captain which he appoijted me as deputy bit with the title of private investigator he gave me permission to arrest people with evidence after blue was announced

Don’t have time to look through logs, but at face value this is a pretty clear example of valid hunting and using meta knowledge. IC wise, it’s almost impossible to really prove or be able to do a implant check on them. Implant checks should only be checked if ones has been used, and blind checks for blood brothers isn’t allowed. Also, just because you hear that someone is “evil”, doesn’t mean they are a antag. It would be like trying to arrest someone because they said they were, “so bad”.

As a deputy, the sec officers know/are more experienced than you are. If they find nothing and don’t really think anything is going on you should believe them, it makes little IC sense to insite that you were right about them being bad and chase after them.

This is a powergaming, I’d also like to point out that ghost can lie and shouldn’t really be trusted for this purpose

I haven’t finished going through logs yet for all of the reports so my final verdict/dishing out punishment will happen sometime this evening, so @SoulsRuined go ahead and respond if you have time today if you want to explain anything else for this report or the other two reports that are still open.

The first paragraph kind of understandable, its just whenever i get caught as a antag i mostly get checked from having implants and used that knowledge as oh i can probably do that but yes you are right about i need evidence and IC reason so i guess i dont have an excuse, to the ghost part honestly they couldve lied but in IC im just a ghost buster but did not take in account in IC i should be cautious of lying ghosts, just didnt take enough information or planning for IC reasons so i dont really have an excuse except me saying what i thought and did in the past, if you need more explanation ill be happy to do so

if there’s no evidence to this, you can ahelp it

Yeah Ahelp that, sec shouldn’t be doing that since that’s using meta-knowledge.

Part of the issue is honestly more with that item, since when they first made a ghost buster kit it originally had a Ouija board that would allow ghosts to literally spell out full messages. I think it got removed within a week or so. It’s just a very bad look using that item (often used as a validhunting tool) while trying very hard to valid hunt.

Edit: IRL issues is causing me to push the day I’ll finish up with the last of my log diving to at most Friday. Mostly mentioning this since you’ve been concerned for when this would get resolved.

ididnt know at the time it wasnt allowed but now i do :smiley:

how am i supposed to use the ghost kit as a non antag curator then? thats the only thing i thought of as a good gimick :confused:

You might want to adjust what you think of as “good” and focus less on what contributes to winning the round when you weigh gimmicks. A good gimmick engages and entertains multiple people, something that can be interacted with or built upon by others regardless of their status as an antagonist or not. You should generally not aim a gimmick to be directly helpful or harmful to antagonists.

When you’re trying to oppose or take down a threat, you’re using strategies to win - and there are times and jobs to focus on this, but this will very rarely apply to curator as the resident nerd of the station.

Think and act in a vaguely similar way to a conspiracy theorist.

There are spooky ghosts! What could they mean? And roll with what others come up with to some extent, but keep control of your gimmick to steer it toward neutrality. You’ll find a way to roll with it before too long.


Yeah going through the logs, it’s a pretty clear cut case of powergaming/valid hunting. Heavy abuse of the ghostbuster kit, using it to confirm kills via seeing their ghost leave someone’s body and using it to track people down.

This, if you’re a private investigator (or wanting to be one) you should be trying to aim at acting like the detective, not a full blown officer

Report accepted

Please check main post here for final comment/verdict