Dallen9 Admin Report (title was already used edition)

CKEY: TottalyNotC

Your Discord: CumSwampMonster#1350

Offender’s CKEY: Dallen9

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):06.30.2020

Round Number:17910

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): he doesn’t know the rules lole!!!

Incident Description: I read a PDA message from an engi to a scientist. It reads as follows: "ive just been doing my job but if there is anywhere i shouldnt just be doing my job if you know what i mean gimme a shout ". Sketch but i don’t do anything about it. Then i see that engi who sent the message walking around wearing advanced magboots. I put 2 and 2 together and decide to dab on him. He gets dabbed on, then his scientist friend decides to n2o flood and gets dabbed on aswell. Minutes later i get bwoinked by Dallen asking “Why did you kill Dola?”, as if him having the advanced magboots doesn’t make him valid. So i tell him that, and he proceeds to tell me how having high-risk items doesn’t actually make players valid, and that Dola actually asked for permission from the captain to take CE’s shit. So from that several questions arise
How the fuck was i supposed to know that? If im supposed to ask every single human being with advanced magboots/hand teles/cap’s antique gun whether or not they had permission to take it, do you think ANY ONE of them will straight up admit stealing shit? I doubt it.
How the fuck does the Captain have the right to let people take CE`s shit (which includes high-risk items such as the blueprints and the magboots)?
Rare or unique items such as the Wardens krav maga gloves, compact combat shotgun, or traitor objectives, are always self antagonising when stolen from someone or for no reason, unless there is an immediate purpose or need to steal said item. If the player cannot provide a valid reason, it is self antagonising behaviour.
The point that Dallen desperately tried to bring up was that this wasn’t in fact “stealing”, because the cap gave the guy permission. But then there’s this ruling that literally states the following:
While the Captain is in charge of the station, this does not entitle him to job specific or hard to replace gear such as the Warden’s Krav Maga gloves, budget cards, the Head of Security’s energy gun, the Bartender’s shotgun, the CMO’s hypospray, etcetera.
So the captain let A RANDOM engineer secure a unique, high-risk item that wasn’t even his… Bruh…

People get killed for having unique or high-risk items they shouldn’t all the time on LRP, be it advanced magboots, cap’s antique laser, hand tele, compact combat shotgun etc. Having them as a non-antag is literally self-antag. It literally doesn’t matter that the captain gave the engineer permission to do so because he doesn’t get to decide what happens to CE’s gamer loot.

Furthermore, i’ve had a ban that i appealed not too long ago about killing the HoP for having an antique laser gun. @Ruko said that having the item would indeed make him valid. NO ONE thought of asking him if he “got permission from the captain” because it didn’t matter. Having such items makes you valid.

So in conclusion, it was indeed theft, because the captain doesn’t get to decide what happens to CE`s high-risk items which are literal antag objectives. And guess what, if it wasn’t obvious enough by now, Dola and the scientist were indeed blood brothers, with the objective of stealing CE’s magboots.

Additional Information: The captain handed a traitor their objective, for which the traitor was later validly killed, and for that reason i was bwoinked for 20-30 minutes of that round, and the end was delayed because they were having a “long chat in discord about this”. Bruh.


Ah yes Dallen9 the felinid main. I remember when he got a trial jannie to bwoink me for twenty minutes because I dabbed on him for breaking into the armory and stealing guns while I was the HoS. He was an antag lmao.

Why are jannies who make overly bullshit bwoinks or ahelps not punished. Shouldn’t staff have a role model position regarding knowledge of the ruleset?


Is this an admin report or a ban appeal?

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literally on admin report, Bloons.


It feels like every jannie interprets the rules in their own way, and when it comes to ahelps and “long discord discussions” they have to somehow persuade the other admins into thinking that their interpretation of the rules is actually right, because what kind of fucking “long discord discussion” could possibly take THAT long when obvious valid kills like this that happen every single day on Golden

Just in case you’re actually serious, i was not banned. It is an admin report.

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This would be ideal, but our rules and rulings are spread over about 3 places (Currently trying to get them into a single place).
I don’t expect an admin to know every single interpretation of a council ruling, only that if they are unsure they should clarify with other admins and get it figured out.
The ruling that you were bwoinked for is somewhat unclear.

Since you weren’t punished for this, I’m not sure why you made the report.

For transparency, here is part of the conversation in discord about it.

Because next time i kill someone like this, i’m going to get banned for it.


Nothing wrong with players looking out and speaking for other players.

You’d rather have players only bring up issues that affect them and only the reporting player? Instead of speaking out and about an issue they saw happen to someone else, or that could repeat itself on the future?

also adding a “well but cap can give UNIQUE ITEMS to other players” is gonna cause issues, including but not limited to:

  • Metafriend captain giving shit to metafriend assistant.
  • Traitors (Or literally just any powergamer) playing it off as “Oh cap gave me that!” but if Cap is either dead, braindead or both, you can’t corroborate the claim.
  • Players literally too afraid to stop a possible antag in fear of a bwoink.

Making the engineer CE would’ve solved the issue, but cap didn’t. And a BB got killed for it validly.

Why the fuck would the BB even ahelp it? He was antag, got caught with items, dead.
Or worse, did Dallen just saw that and bwoink @TottalyNotC just for shit and giggles?

Also why didn’t Dallen include the fact that the guy with CE’s boots was a BB?


can we just put the council rulings on the actual rules page to stop with all this bullshit ‘GOTCHA’ moments you might not be aware of because some retard discord council ruled on something

so many times ive had to tell jannies what im doing is valid and theyve asked me to point to ‘what council ruling’

I open up discord and scroll through pages of notes as assistants bumrush me, half an hour later I find the ruling, lying dead in disposals

‘adminhelp resolved’


Maybe promoting people to acting heads should be dis-allowed? Or acting heads should not be able to take unique items still?

bad idea, I say we honour the time honoured tradition of promoting someone to captain by giving it to the first person you see

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Also kinda found this while scrollin’ around, and ima sound like a broken record but;

The bwoink shouldn’t have happened for @TottalyNotC at all, he killed some dude who was valid (both antag wise and with valid shit on him) and the bwoink was really unwarranted. Cap still shouldn’t have given him the CE boots unless there was some dire need for them, or at least promote them to CE. He didn’t even mug the boots, did he?

I know that the main difference here is Sasukexsakura was just captain and not an antag, hence the bwoink (probably?), but why’d you bwoink someone for killing a valid guy? Even if the guy wasn’t an antag and still had cap’s “permission”, you can just lie and run away with them. It was an unnecessary bwoink, really.

Pardon the language and ranting.


Change that rule already. You should be only valid to the role (or departament) you stole from and security.

be me
antag tator
gotta steal CE’s boots and blueprint
wipe out engineering
no sec players
suddenly untouchable

It’s filled with loopholes. What if I tell HOP as an assistant to make me Atmos Tech so i can validhunt anyone with CE’s boots?

What if I get killed by someone who has sec gear and LOOKS like it’s sec but they aren’t? how can i realize that?

It’s a shitty rule tbh

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It’s filled with loopholes. What if I tell HOP as an assistant to make me Atmos Tech so i can validhunt anyone with CE’s boots?

Not a loophole, you changed your job.

What if I get killed by someone who has sec gear and LOOKS like it’s sec but they aren’t? how can i realize that?

IC issue.

suddenly untouchable

Pretty sure you would be called out on comms as a traitor and everyone would just attack you anyway.

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So all a validhunter assistant has to do is to change departments.

Or dress up as someone who looks like sec/that department.

Bold of you to assume that everyone would try to gang up on a tator/any antag just by calling them out, let alone on Bee.

I don’t wanna be rude but, do we play on the same server?

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Don’t want to spam this thread with responses that are not related to the report but:

So all a validhunter assistant has to do is to change departments.

You know what? If you manage to get your ID changed by hop on golden you probably deserve the outcome.

Or dress up as someone who looks like sec/that department.

fucking ahelp him dude, dressing up as sec doesn’t make you one

I don’t wanna be rude but, do we play on the same server?

Yes we do and sometimes antags can get away. Most of objectives you can put inside your backpack and stay untouchable. If someone is wearing a rare item (armor, gloves or boots) they are either going murderbone or aren’t traitors at all.


just gonna drop this here

this is ““ruko’s decision”” that was mentioned in the above discord posts

  • simply having it makes you valid

  • no one has ever asked how someone got something so it’s not going to be enforced (yes ruko actually said that read that whole thread it was full of autism)

  • captain cannot give it to you, only the owner can (i.e CE would have to give him the adv. magboots), ruko said this too, read the post

beestation admins having a bunch of different interpretations of the rulings despite ruko saying they all completely agreed on that this ruling means “simply having it makes you valid”??? wow!!! what a twist!!!

fuck ruko honestly, this is what i was saying by admins can get anyone they want banned with the bullshit claim “the ruling has always been interpreted THIS way!” and if you try to say otherwise by literally reading what the fucking ruling says and seeing that it directly contradicts whatever BS the admin decides to spout to get you banned or to prevent someone from getting banned, you get labeled as a “rule lawyer”

“guys why is our playerbase so toxic towards us what did we do” GEE I FUCKING WONDER