Dallas Ratcliff Player Feedback 2

I’m curious about how everyone feels about me, Dallas Ratcliff.


You can be really mean at times, especially as an antag, tone it down a bit and we would be cool

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I think i saw you on Terry some other day. You batoneg me for random search which is -1 from me and official community removal from beestation.

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You are based hos. That’s all my interaction besides you being rather rude to antags you kill.

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Sorry Dark, I’m honestly not trying to be mean or rude, and I’m trying to fix this. Thanks for the feedbacks.

what are you trying to improve on

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Much Appreciated 20202020020202020202020

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I only know you as an incredibly annoying sec officer (Good shitsec.)

And an engineer. Good engineer.

(1)0/10 would kill you and hide your body in maint again.

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One of the more unpredictable people I’ve met. Good fun to be around even if you do go overboard sometimes.

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Hello valery! How are you?

fine. the weather is nice


Calls himself Catcliff but is not even a felinid

This feedback is about Dallas Ratcliff, not Catcliff. They are different!

One time he threw Kiera in disposals as a clown

In actuality, Dallas is a nice player even though he is definitely tsundere antag more often than not.

RPs as antag sometimes too, very welcome

haha catboy

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Cut out the annoying cat behaviour (you don’t even need to change to human just stop being annoying) and you’re cool.

Wake up
See Dallas
Day ruined


Must dunk in the pool on the next opportunity.