Daily Mentor Facts

You can also tuck the nuke disk : - )

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i was going to write a fact here but by the time i opened the forums I forgot :skull:


daily mentor fact: bluezorua forgor :skull:

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Daily Mentor Fact: I am the longest serving mentor still a mentor, and @ivanmixo will never be able to change that


Not to mention all the admemes that started as mentors and are still around with just admeme role added.


daily mentor fact #832159823589352

Vitality runes / revive runes / blood rites are incredibly usefull. The two runes can offer SSD cultists up to ghosts, and vitality runes heal 2 damage of each of the common types every so often. Blood rites can be used to collect blood from the floor and either fire a massive cult laser, a strong spear, or a weaker magic missle, along with healing other cultists. The revive rune can be used to heal a cultist from the dead up to full health, even with incredible damages.


swapping the hard drive of a contractor tablet to normal tablet allows for incognito contracting.

Plasmacigs? How do you make those?

inject plasma in a cig
give it to someone
watch them light what’s effectively plasma soaked tube.

and as blue said hacked service borg can make quilte some

Weldercigs are funnier

boom in distance

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Apparently you can rig die in microwaves (can’t do this with the die of fate)



Former Mentor Fact(May be a dupe but never hurts to remind people):

Warm donk pockets heal very well. Good substitute if you are injured and without medical supplies(Exploration, for example).

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Fun non-mentor fact: you can slap people with your gloves to challenge them to a duel or contest.

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You can get gaseous decomposition plant trait via splashing 2u of unstable mutagen. You have to do it a lot on the plant and it might take a while due to RNG. I recommend using grass due it’s fast maturation speed.


this is literally the 1st post

Former mentor fun fact: You can put the nuke disk inside vending machine restockers.

Suggestion: Make a room full of vending machines with the nuke disk at the center.

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Former Mentor Fact: This is an excellent demonstration of the Infinite Monkey Theorem in action.

Bonus fact, when typing up a post or comment: If you have a link in your clipboard, highlighting text and hitting CTRL+V will automagically turn the highlighted text into a hyperlink to the url in your clipboard.

Former Mentor Fact:

I’m free.


you cannot make kentucky fried chicken