Daddy Doge banned by Zeskorion

Daddy Doge
Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Ban Type:
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Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Perma banned for ai, borg, and pai because I refused to admit that antags are still human
Appeal Reason:
this happened a year ago and I was fucking retarded. I acknowledge that antags are still human and shouldn’t be harmed if a law says so
Additional Information:

You have a pretty good handful of notes including one earlier tonight when you ordered the AI to crucify all non-humans and seemed surprised they took your joke seriously.

That said, nothing shows you won’t be a good Silicon, so I approve. If anything silicon might suit your shittery pretty well so long as you understand your laws and silicon rulings.

Waiting for other admin thoughts before moving forward

its been a year, jesus and from what ive gathered is that youre waiting for a good chance to get me banned again. also I literally told that ai to stop harming non humans and then he says its not in his law set so fucking complain to that ai

If anything silicon might suit your shittery pretty well so long as you understand your laws and silicon rulings.

I meant this sincerely. You can get away with being a little shit as a silicon and it’s one of the joys of being one. Most of your notes fall under “being a shitter” or overescalation - neither of which are ever going to be a problem for a silicon following laws.

That’s why the ticket earlier went from “AI why are you killing xxx” -> “RD told me to” -> “Welp you’re just following laws, I see nothing wrong here” and then I bwoinked you over self antag for telling the AI to effectively wipe half the station for seemingly no reason. Something the AI perceived as a directive from a human. Then the AI disobeyed your order to stop and got bwoinked for that because NOW they were causing problems. I almost wish players could see their ticket number so they would understand they’re not the only person we are talking to when we admin.

MRP at peak hours has 40+ tickets a round. It’s insane

This is why it’s essential to handle these tickets and be stricter on MRP. Taking the proper actions now will force the MRP player base to mature to the rules and standards. Those who cannot adapt should be presented with only LRP as the only option for them.

You cannot expect to just jump onto the horse without saddle taming it first. This is a niche game with a very small player base overall. More than enough time has passed for the job to have been done. But instead, MRP is and remains a server where the expectation of getting away with an unacceptable in-game behavior remains high. Another stacking issue is this also means players who mistakenly do things wrong are also not addressed and will fall into bad habits as well even though they have no malice.

Deal with the large hurdle now and the small trickle of new players will be your only real issue and be nothing compared.

this is lrp but ok 20 characters

he’s a shitter and i aint an admin no more but if he admits it an unban should be given

I have to admit but im a big shitter for I have been robusting, “self antaging”, and being cring. lord please forgive me

I’ll take Zesko’s input as legitimate since he was the one that applied it in the first place and I don’t see any harm coming from it.