Cydia Lamiales (used to be Cydia Albipuncta) player feedback

Well I’ve been playing here for a couple of months and just wanted to know how well other people perceived my character. So here I am. I mainly play on lowpop (15-45 players) due to my time zone so I tend to miss all the chaotic fun that happens during highpop.

After getting over my lizard Shaft Miner only phase I’ve decided to explore other departments. So I made a moth character, hit the random name generator until I saw one I liked and got Cydia Albipuncta. But later I decided to change the last name to something that isn’t in the random name generator. Well, I’ve played a couple of rounds as other departments and liked Medical the most. So you’ll usually see me in medbay as a Paramedic, sometimes in Science as a Scientist and rarely in Engineering as a Station Engineer. I tend to be friendly towards people, maybe being a bit too pushy with the medicine and wound treatment and I generally try my best to save as many lives as I can. I do try to interact with other people but I’m still learning the nitty-gritty of RP and stuff.

Any sort of feedback would be appreciated, even the usual “literally who?” replies.
Oh and here’s a picture for reference.


In my experience, People won’t know just who you are until you’ve been around in game for about a year rather than afew months.

Heck I’ve made myself plainly present on the forums with art and mad scrawlings as the voxel art guy and It didn’t stick.

To that effect, Who dis?

wrong cydia
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there are to many cydias to track of around :pensive:

This is a reminder for Moth players with the last name of “lumen” the Lumen family reunion will be occurring soon™

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