Cyborg upgrades/features should already be a thing

Mostly here to grip about the eng borgs and all the nukie syndicate borgs.

Eng borgs should be able to get a upgrade to allow it to hold different metal types, like plasteel and other materials. This would allow a eng borg to build about anything needed by the station and repair anything, even being able to make mechs.

All syndicate borgs should have a circuit board manipulator just for the nuke disc, this would prevent nukies just loosing and the round being stalled if all the organic agents died, leaving just the cyborgs alive. It doesn’t make since for the syndicates to create cyborgs to help nukies without them being able to pick up the disk if the worst case scenario happened

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In addition. Give the Medical borg the ability to pick up limbs and cybernetic implants so they can actually do surgery without organic help. Please…

organ storage module exists and can do that(except some exotic augmentations like chainsaw and dark blessing)

Anyway, upgrades that should be a thing is ghetto borg upgrades from tg!
You can put a defibrilator without a battery into a mediborg
You can put a pinpointer in a mediborg

sometimes rounds end before borgs can get upgrades, and it sucks especially for mediborgs without defibs

The fuck? I have never seen that module before.

Edit: That module does not exist on Beestation. I have never seen it. You cannot print it. It is not on the wiki. It isnt illegal tech or tech disk restricted. It doesnt exist.

this one is currently filled with a heart
And it’s also one of the starting modules you have, no need to upgrade

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Then where the fuck is it? Whenever i play Mediborg its not there.

It’s always there in the tools menu that you can pick.
And don’t blame yourself, most mediborgs are unaware of that module.

Also going more technically, the only way for it not to be available is if a nightmare slaps you with their arm blade while you are actively holding it

Yeah you are right. Its there. it just blends in so well with everything i never see it. Thx. However does it actually let you like…put organs and cybernetics into/onto people or just hold them?

even augmented limbs from robo!

Yep! You just use the bag with an organ on someone at the surgery step that lets you add stuff.

It is indeed very esoteric knowledge for mediborgs. I felt really dumb when I realized I didn’t need a surgery assistant. >.<

To add even more to that, medborgs should be able to put a brain into a MMI. Currently they can’t do that with the organ storage bag

yes mediborgs should be able to put brains into an mmi and engi borgs should be able to put that mmi into a borg shell.

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Its so annoying to know that i could have done that the entire time instead of always dragging someone random into the surgery to do it for me.

I’d like to see this or something like this for EngiBorgs:

Advanced Material Manipulator
Cyborg Upgrade Module (Engineering)
Allows the Cyborg to pick up and use non-standard materials such as Plasteel and wooden planks. Can only hold one type of material at a time. Drops the material when the module is disabled.

Something that would be nice for engiborgs that kinda goes along with the other suggestions is some sort of floor-tile manipulator so they can pick between differents tiles and do more customization on floors or… replace areas with their correct color (like blue medbay, etc)

The janiborg should be able to pick up glass sheets to recharge their light replacer (they can only recharge it on the borg charger atm)

I’m also gonna feel like mentioning that the hydraulic clamp attachment for mechs should be able to force open doors. They can’t force open doors that have power to them, but I think something as strong as a giant hydraulic clamp should be able to force a door open. Also hydraulic clamps should be able pick up a mech, I feel like there needs to be another way to move mechs that have run out of battery.

I’m pretty sure clamps CAN pick up mechs, which is how you get the “infinite-ripley russian doll posibrain stack of DOOM”