Cyborg suggestions: Cargo Borgs with Mosins

Basically a borg with the ability to store crates, lockers, water and welding tanks, etc. like a Ripley with the clamp upgrade. I guess it should also come with a botany, chemistry, and biology bags for those bounties from botany, xenobio, chem, and virology. When emagged, it gains a mosin and the ability to generate Russian clothing. Very low ammo count, but it’s a bloody mosin, what else do you need?


I support this one it seems fun and would probably be a great help to cargonian

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As a half cargonian half lawyer greytide i support this with burning passion


You can have your cargo borg when science gets it’s science borg.

Also, imagine a chemistry borg. Literally a walking chemist dispenser, with a syringe to inject people with the stuff it creates. Emagged version gets a syringe gun. Would probably be OP, and also used to grief a crap ton of people by drugging with with chloral hydrate for eternity.

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Doesn’t that overlap with the mediborg’s capabilities and responsibilities?

What would the science borgs be seriusly I can think of annything good.
And that chmestry borg sounds very much like a mediborg.
Meanwhile there is no borgtype that can help cargo.with moving crates and shit.

All borgs can move crates, just don’t get stuck.

It’s called a M.U.L.E. stick a pAI in it, and get a competent loader.

So remove mediborgs becouse you can put PAIs in medibots?
The cargo borg would not be the same as a mule it would be a cargo tech borg with all that intails


Just pointing out that there is a tool designed with the whole purpose of moving crates, and they can carry two at once, compared to the one crate that borgs and humans can move.

Medibots can’t do surgery, mediborgs can.

Adding a cargo borg would be just as pointless as adding a science borg at best, and annoying at worst, since they would enter every department to just loot crates, while cargo techs lack the access to do that effectively.

So? Would be a great addition to the station as a whole.

If you say that annoying borgs are bad may I present the clown borg. Which is annoying without purpose. A cargo borg would at worst ba annoying with a purpose and at best a great addition to the crew and station and help cargo run smoothly

So that’s why I’m suggesting that cargo borgs get better capabilities to get crates and bounties (see the topic post). If you’re worried about borgs breaking in, dude, techies break in all the time. This time the borgs coming through the door, not welding through the walls or hacking the doors.

ngl if the idea was further developed, this could actually be picked up by someone.

Got any suggestions then? I’m thinking like the borg being able to access the supply console through its own tool and being able to print out bounty papers. It should also have a destination tagger, a sheaf of papers, a clipboard, and a pen.

Which is exactly why clown borg isn’t a default model, and rarely gets used.

I just dislike the idea in general. A borg waltzing in stealing crates and lockers is full on obnoxious. We might as well make a graytide borg at that point, because that’s basically all cargo does any way.

Everybody gangsta until clown borg gets emagged.


Precisely. Why use humans to greytide when robots can do it BETTER?

You say that like it’s a good thing, but that’s exactly my reason for saying no to this.

If you make it hard enough for a cargo tech to graytide, they’ll usually leave. It’s very difficult to stop a borg without welding every door shut though.

Or just telling them not to and unless it has laws otherwise it must not do it

That works until it has to come to two competing orders, (and a cargo tech will likely just scream, go steal from that department) and borgs usually just pick the one they like best, or that suit their department.