Cyborg suggestions, Cargo Borgs with Mosins!

it is sad that you all love living in shit as deep as the developers shat upon this game. grow some balls. fix this game. it was clear that you weren’t doing it so I did my best. its a shame to see you call this “good.” if this is what you like try looking up two girls one cup. no really put on your favorite bra, your silkiest panties and go continue to eat shit.

Dont mind me im just going to bring a diamond pickaxe with fortune 3 to mine all of that salt


Not even halfway and i already got this much salt, indeed hoes mad


I would like you to provide proof of the salt. I offer evidence to the contrary. I am new, I know I am new. and I expect to get beaten down by older players. that is how things work

Proof of salt wihout even screenshoting the second try to meele balance

Well more like “BALANCE” because you only provided ideas that could break the game for the only reason that OMG 2 slow 4 me and you salt here too so yeah, hoes mad

its so awful when people try to “gid good” I know, its scary and confusing an you don’t you what to do but shit your pants.

I am disappointed.


thanks for flagging the posts you disagree with so i know to lock this spam thread, and mute you for good measure