Curator and Chaplain should have maints. Assistants shouldn't

  • Fuck you assistants NEED MAINTS
  • Fuck assistants, not so sure about Curator/Chap getting maints though
  • Give Chappie and Curator maints, absolutely

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  • Has a valid reason to be crawling maint (looking for cult runes)
  • A maint-prowling chaplain encourages smart play from cultists
  • Always gets maint access anyway


  • Actually has a valid reason to be searching for maint treasure for the purpose of… you know, CURATING?
  • Can assist Chaplain with the ghost hunter kit’s holy water and salt bombs
  • For the reporter-esque aspect of curator, having maint access means easier access to places where there might be a juicy topic


  • Only use maints to get toolbelts, sunglasses, insuls and maybe a spear
  • Never share the treasure they get
  • Assistants outnumber curator and chaplain by leagues and pick maints clean of anything interesting in less than 5 minutes each round

I know what you’re thinking,


They do that anyway if they’re a shitter. Hacking doors open isn’t hard. Stop making the game less fun for good players because bad players exist.

Dude please stop spamming the forum with these shitty suggestions


Ideally the chaplain waits until cult is found instead of hunting threats they have no reason to know exist. At which point commanding staff can just give them access anyway.

Counter argument.

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I want maints so I can get treasure without needing to hack in or wait for a HoP to wake up

So validhunting?

There are two departments that need Maint access at the start of the round. Engineering, who are expected to fix wiring in maint and otherwise maintain the station, and Security, who are expected to patrol the station.

If you do not start the round with Maint access, you can stop by the HoP’s desk. It’s generally staffed, and if you can explain why you need the access, they’ll generally give it to you.

Assistants need maints because role is really bland without them
Curator and Chaplain start with validhunting tools that they can easily use with maint access.
Also if we would give curator and chap maint access we would end up giving maint access to everyone because there might be one situation they would need it

assistant is an overflow role for when all the meaningful roles are already taken, it’s not meant to be interesting

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Just because its an overflow role doesn’t mean we should restrict all the fun from it
edit : yeah what tyranic said

If you can’t do anything as an overflow role why even have the role?

yeah exactly, if you don’t get your desired role then just become an observer and wait for midround or spawners


You spent some time with crayons for this one, havent you?

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Assistants, chaplains, and curators shouldn’t get maint. Assistant maint access is getting removed, anyway.

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This. Maints should only be for those who have an actual job-related reason.

This isn’t hrp. Same goes to velvet and miri

Michiru I think you’d be better suited to aurorastation, an HRP server that I play on quite often that runs on a different code base and has better rp rules

Actually, noone should have maint access so that tiders have to hack everywhere in maint and have to keep a greybull on their person at all times. Thatd be cool

The amount of people who don’t know greybull gives you insulation is funny.


v a l i d h u n t i n g

curating maint posters? procedurally generated oil spills?

noone does

remove bad players

wait, assistants are getting maint access removed? smh
i think these suggestions could do with being a lot more productive as opposed to “remove this, remove that”. if you don’t like assistants being what they are, suggest new stuff to replace/subvert it. new roles that i can think of to partially replace assistants off the top of my head w/ minimal mapping that can have any random uniform slapped on and no need for an office:

  • caterers, the cargo techs of service, who deliver beer and plants and food and whatnot (assistants with food industry flavoring)
  • acolytes, a couple of mooks the chaplain can order around (assistants with religious flavoring)
  • maintenance technicians (stolen from elsewhere), people with maint and general engineering access that concentrate not on engines but on broken wires, breaches and whatnot (assistants with engineering flavoring)
  • interns, people directly under the HoP or Captain that are delegated by said HoP or Captain and perform administrative duties or monitor the bridge consoles (assistants with command flavoring)