Cults get fucked by greytiders and they need some sort of counter

Usually one of the first things I do as cult is set up a base for other cultists to use, however half the time some staffie who should not be in maint anyway(MRP) reveals the cult and most of its members 15 minutes in and ruins the round for everyone, actual threat to station is gone in minutes and we end up with a greenshift. Honestly implementation of a bay style skill system or something that makes staffies not able to hack well would be great, everyone knows it is the jani’s job to find cult bases accidentally and reveal the cult.

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Now here are some solutions I have and the pros and cons of each.

Group 1 (Or a bunch of things that go together to make non-antag greytide very hard)

Hidden cult doors have random wires and don’t blow away until hacked normally.
Pros: no more random greytide man learning wires and getting aa to fuck cult near roundstart.
Cons: anyone greytiding is gonna apply the metaknowlage of scrambled wires means cult door.

Most jobs have scrambled wires and cannot hack doors effectively.
Jobs that would have wire vison:Engi(Duh) Paramedic(For when the ai is not existent/why you need to rescue someone in the first place) Roboticist (Borgs have wires and robos are practically science department engineers) Heads(Duh) Nukies, Ninjas, Wizards, Pirates, Cultists of all types and Abductors (Antags that are professional bad guys should understand wires, and for cults just some random magic bullshit)
3 TC traitor item that gives you wire knowledge.
Pros: Greytide is now harder then remembering color, removes wire scramble metaknowledge issue from before.
Cons:None that I can think of.


cult base

here’s your problem.


Tiding is the lifeblood of some people here, im not too sure people want it nerfed


That’s not how bay skills work, you can still do most things to varying degrees, but it forces you to specialize as well as trading against physical attributes like combat prowess and stamina.

Anyways I think the actual problem is something deeper with the gamemode itself, which is that it’s way too punishing to be detected early for just how common it is for people to fuck it up. If you screw up sec is going to start mindshielding everyone since it’s very easy to do, and preparing for war.

Of course you can get around tiders/janitors by just… not making much of a base at all until later on. You don’t really need it. I think one of the main ideas behind bloodcult replacing paper cult was honestly to make this less of a problem.

You have a counter, it’s called Conceal Presence. Trouble is, 95% of cultists have no idea how anything works beyond making a stun spell, armour, and a sword.


I think the problem is sec being super powerful roundstart, which allows them to simply roflstomp any antagonist without any strategy or tech.

Disablers deal the damage a sketchkin pistol does, and the stunbaton deals 3x the damage of a double wielded energy blade. On top of that they have armor that makes them nigh invulnerable to their own weapons and anything you can craft in maints.

A lot of antags get fucked over cause sec’s rounstart gear is so darn overpowered and an officer can handle 2 or sometimes even 3 antags at once without any hassle.

Cult is strong.

Just needs proper application of the tools given to you.

Cultists have emp on command, Instant heals with bloodrites, one click hardstuns and teleportations.

Not to mention equipment on par with traitor gear if not better.

Why not just learn from the mistakes this shift which is
-dont build in maints… especially roundstart where everyone is literally trawling maints for loot and viruses.
-Do your job and apply it with cult work. Xenobio stealth cultists are really good.

Out of topic but,whhile reading this thread i just realised the Loki tv show, TVA securities is awfully similar with sec officer with a batong, aside of their appearance is their tendencies of being kicked in the butt and people stealing their prude batong and using it to bonk them.

But in the end, its not the normal maint tiders that ruin maint cultist, its ROBUST tiders that do, you could easily kidnap laggy/slow hand players in maint, as long as you guard your base properly (why build a base if youre not going to guard/use em). So in short, winning as antag is with better connection or skill , or both or xenobio

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Borderline broken in my opinion, almost forcing people to mindshield xenobio guys when someone mention cultist or suffer either a series of explosion from oil slime (with no fear of being spaced because cult floor are atmosproof), or an army of simple mob/golems/cultist on various type of steroid. But hey, Blood Cult of Nar’sie isnt about blood at all, its about reviving him at all cost from what i can see right now

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Man I’ve seen xenobio make or break rounds so many times.

One time, traitor with time magic and 3x speed could robust everyone halfway across the screen.
Another time, xenobio made extracts and rendered nukies useless.
All but one headrev left? Suddenly, an influx of hostile mobs and golems just murderize anything.
Cult lost 20 mins in… silence… Suddenly 100 cult xenobios take over station.

It’s ridiculous.

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Batong should have a ‘disintegrate’ mode.


Make it delta alert exclusive mode, and see captains rushing to get code and arm the nuke for sec to get a super gamer gear.


We already removed maint access to assistants.

You are just bad at cult

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Bruh just prime the beer nuke with 9999 timer.

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Just patrol around your base. Have some cultist wander around in maint near it and pick off or convert tiders who wander around it

lmao make it so when you put BS cell in your batong, it dusts people on harm and tesla zaps em on stun


Imagine it becoming a makeshift SM sword

dont be a dumbass and get caught. You cant code in skill. Cults can and do win. Cult is not weak at all.

Not BS cell, but SM shard.

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