Cult detected call shuttle

Any time cult is detected the n1 thing that usually happens is blue allert and then shuttle being called.
Why is a bunch non magical people wanting to kill/exile heads of staff a hostile environment but no A GROUP OF BLOOD CULTISTS WHO WANT TO SUMMON AN INTERDIMENSIONAL GOD TO DESTROY THE UNIVERSE a hostile environment

Just make it that if they got halos then it’s an hostile environment.

cult leader = hostile environment but has some kind of special mark / track

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Resists mindshield/holy water like headrev

Cult leader = hostile environment but automatically has a halo regardless of progression

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Cult leaders delaying the shuttle will just lead to more frustration and bloated one-sided rounds. They already have shuttle curse orbs to buy them time, and they’re perfectly capable of converting a head of staff to recall it from the bridge.

You can’t really destroy sec where all heads are hudrled up in and then recall in (10 green allert, 5 blue allert, 2:30 red) minutes. And if you can it’s one sided

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If there’s just 1 cult member and he is not doing jack
. Then there’s no reason to leave. That’s like calling shuttle after all ling’s/traitors are dead