Cruz Mccune (Or at least a Cruz) Report

CKEY: whereamo

Your Discord: WhereAmI#0929

Offender’s CKEY: Lord of Rabbits

Offender’s In-Game Name: Cruz Mccune, or at least Cruz. I believe they were either a miner or scientist. Also perhaps others if they were in fact not a miner.

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 2021/11/09 (Around 11 PM PDT)

Round Number: 32644

Rules Broken: Powergaming (Validhunting, printing weapons without authorization, seemingly broke into security to print them), Not doing job (If they were a miner, then they completely ignored their job and used us as an excuse to not do it).

Incident Description: We were a band of ashwalkers, never attacked the miners or even showed any aggression, and yet for some reason they kept PDA’ing the captain that we had killed multiple people and were completely stopping them from gathering ores. We did not do any of that, we kept to ourselves asides from entering the mining base and exploring and stealing small amounts of loot, stuff like bluespace emergency pods and that. Then, apparently, someone (seemingly Cruz Mccune) made a mech and gave it heavy firepower (without getting permission to print the heavy weaponry), and then came to exterminate us all. At this point the captain had given permission to kill us based on falsified reports that we had killed people, but had never given permission to the person to print guns, and seemingly they broke into security to print them.

They then proceeded to mow all of us down with said guns on a mech and then proceeded to throw all eggs down a chasm. There was no words spoken to us, no warning, just a shuttle arriving while we were standing in front of it and then being gunned down. And again, we had shown absolutely no aggression, we were not hindering mining, and we had killed absolutely not a single miner. Just such a bad experience overall.

TLDR; Validhunting miner lied to captain to get permission to kill all of us askwalkers, got it, then illegally printed guns for mech by breaking into security and then proceeded to gun all of us down brutally without warning or notice. We never showed aggression or hostility and had never done anything to warrant this, asides from exploring the completely empty mining base (except for borg) and stealing donk pockets and some beer.

Additional Information: Captain at the time was “Fronsis#0357”, and a fellow lizard with me was “Colonel Sanders#3126”. Both can likely provide more details.

I saw you all talking about this in Discord so I did a little bit of a preliminary look into the issue. Right out the gate… The player isn’t really in the wrong for killing ashwalkers. Even if you were acting peaceful, you’re basically kill-on-sight due to your relationship with the necropolis.

Secondly, they were the roboticist who was granted miner access after the miners either disappeared, died, or whatever else so they could continue their work on the station. Looking at the SAY logs during the round, it seems like they honestly thought you had killed the miners which, combined with their need for resources, helped fuel their intent to reclaim the mining outpost.

Now, I or another admin will need to do a more thorough look into the round… But preliminary thoughts are that the player didn’t really do anything wrong with regards to killing the ashwalkers- the weapons and stuff might be a different story.

Got it, I can see why they wanted us then based on the fact that they truly thought we killed the miners and were directly stopping resources from coming in. Now realizing that the lings or traitors in the round may have gotten to the miners but I have no clue. The powergaming/weaponry is still absolutely an issue though, as you said. Anyways, thanks for the swift response, and have a good night/day.

I’d like to mention, he did the same thing a moment ago, making a mech, stole a robotics dude’s ID and attempted to break into security to get guns for his gygax, all as a non-antag.

attempting to kill the warden for stopping him.

Then went around hunting heratics.

Its a usual thing he does. (although he may have had valid cause this time, not too sure)

Round ID was: 32645

(not a peanut i swear)