Crusader unban appeal

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Big bass
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**Ban Reason:**bullying via 3 pings the fucking monster

Appeal Reason: 3 pings is hardly bullying let’s be real, at no point did I call out his character or name call all while he called me a shitposter and said I was a horrible person

Additional Information:
I realise now those pings caused him to have a breakdown and I feel terrible, while their are unfounded claims I bullied him previously we couldn’t find them
Once again I am terribly sorry I pinged someone I and honestly scum

Only fair the banner @Bastian0930

And my victim @TheNeoGamer42 has their say
I throw myself into your mercy, may you forgive me?

Finally my boi @Average_Joe22 who has given and from whom I have taken so much

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Also sorry for forum ping
No ban please

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If I know my mentor brother neo
He was just having a bad day and would want to laugh it off with the following meme



Lad. You’ve done this before. What reason shows you will/have improved?

Done what?
Pinged him?
I’ve no knowledge of the man

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You’ve specifically harassed me about a ban for months, which is why I was so quick about that one.

The ban was unjust, we established this
You had no evidence of me posting weebo shit
Your answer was I quote “I banned you for it so you must of done it”

So I dunno how that’s relevant once I was unbanned I called you gay and moved on
Your a Jannie and should uphold some standards, you didn’t have evidence of my “crime” so I called you out for it

But I forgive you for your sins

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Hahaha he continues the harassment he was banned for in his appeal. Mad lad. I gotta side against it. Not saying it was, but even if it was too harsh, you’re just reinforcing that you don’t see it as wrong at all and plan to continue it.

Bee is pretty forgiving when it comes to the community fucking with each other, but remember that it is rule 1 of the server and discord. Most people have pretty thick skin and let people get away with shit, but if someone actively blocks you or asks you to stop and you continue getting after them, then it is certainly breaking that rule.

Even if you didn’t know before it was time to stop (and you def should have/did) then being banned for it is a big announcement that it’s not cool. Look at this thread though.Shits funny, but no way should the appeal be granted.


Oh no I do understand but we shouldn’t be able to have banter about something?
I didn’t know who he was so asked around and after learning about his diminished mental capacity and his emotional disposition I do honestly feel guilty

I’d imagine those the pings was very distressing to him and swear to never ping him again, I apologise for the uncalled for harm I did to him

I also appreciate your diligence towards keeping our player base safe as some of them are children and it’s easy to forget how young some of them are though a screen

As for the point your bought up in your reply, granted I didn’t know when to stop as it was just pings I didn’t insult him as I didn’t know him at the time, after learning what I could from other players I now understand he is a vulnerable player/person and while pings wouldn’t bother others, it may bother him and it did
I did bad and I feel bad

I’m a shitposter and that won’t change cause you can’t fight nature, but prehaps this is a wake up call to the fact some players like you said, don’t have thick skin and can’t take the banter, I will consider who I talk to in the future
Give me your support and unban me baby :kissing_heart:

And as for @TheNeoGamer42

I apologise I didn’t understand who you was and didn’t understand you’d be more sensitive than the average player, and I can only apologise
I understand you don’t like my shitposts, but it’s who I am, I know you blocked me on discord so you will no longer see them and that’s good that it will cause you no longer undue harm
As for the forums, I dunno if you can block/hide someone’s posts maybe @Crossedfall knows

I am sorry, hopefully you forgive me, I don’t hold it against you

Chief, appeal in a few months. I doubt you’ve changed.

Other admins in admin general agree too.