Crusader made a oppsie, forgot women have stuff under their pantaloons

**Discord ID:**crusader baby

**Admin Discord ID:**unknown (legit stupid question assume moccha or zesk)

**Ban Type:**again unknown who writes these?

**Ban Length:**till I appeal

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): mm? Fuck amerikkka 11/12/19

**Ban Reason:**posted some nsfw in general

Appeal Reason: my bad I tried to make it Sfw but forgot to look at whole picture

**Additional Information:**my wrists have been slapped no more photoshopping naked ladies

Also what a fucking hassle this was
Banned from discord appeal online
Can’t sign in using discord you been banned

Sort it out

Also the offending image (covered up)


Why even bother posting it

You wasn’t there man banter was flowing and stuff

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He was memeing and memed too hard

20 character limit.

My only crime was only having eyes for the memes
I covered her tatties just not her vagene
Let he without the sin cast the first stone
Kain is GaY so he can’t cast stone

given how much the discord is obsessed with ERP and secks I wouldn’t be surprised if it was relevant to the conversation

I was actually calling moccha a faggot and said he kept sending me nudes
Then whoops

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Legit though can I be unbanned and placed in salt mine while we sort this out so I can log in via discord, as patron is a pain

What he posted was very cringe. I think that he deseves to be unbaned. Although its left to the bannin admins decision to unban.

Moccha you gay vagina

Thank you kain, very cool;

Also we not gunna talk about how the discord ban appeal template is pure shit?
When banned it gives no info

dood literally has a modified beestation icon as his pfp, obviously based and should be unbeaned

Cause bee is my life
I’m last crusader anal invader, ranked 10 on bee discord once…before the lewd nation attacked

Me when I can’t believe you just done this

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