Crow4 Player report

In-game report:

   Title: Crow4 Player Report
   CKEY: Ziagfu

   Your Discord: Dragon blooded #5327

   Offender’s CKEY:

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Wingo Pucci

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02-15-2020

   Round Number: 12554

   Rules Broken: 

Rule 1: Using an admin’s discretion for a round in another round, encouraging others to do the same.
Rule 2: Excessive harassment both IC and OOC for my own actions of encouraging people to follow server rules.
Rule 4: As a lawyer that was not a cultist, told other security officers that I was a cultist when I had proven to another sec officer that I Was not by handing them a cultist that was found to be SSD.

   Incident Description: Verbally over comms checked for cult activity on mining outpost after mime was found to be cult. Found a SSD cult miner, reported him to security and chaplain. Was followed by Wingo Pucci (a very suggestive name, following in the spirit of his other names that have a vulgar last name to Wingo) and, despite the clarity of my words over intercoms, he attempted to interfere with myself in delivering the confirmed cultist to chaplain. After shoving him to prevent this, it was called assault and he attempted to further prevent the deconversion of the lizardfolk Mines-the-ores. The cultist was given to a plasmaman sec officer, who was not interfered with by said player, showing that this action in and of itself was derived of a metagrudge. At a later time, I was delivering a hardsuit to my valentine and was arrested by beepsky, and at behest of Wingo Pucci (Crow4) I was given brain damaging levels of holy water by Pyllis Pretzel. I then told Crow4 in looc that I was going to report his metagruding actions and here we are now.

   Additional Information: Crow4 has shown discontent for MRP rules and clear LRP behavior, encouraging it in others who play on the server. I do not feel MRP is a good fit for this player from their actions and metagrudging behaviors.

explain how pucci is a suggestive name

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Interpretatoins: Pucky, Pussy, Puki.
Pretty sure you can tell which one is suggestive.

it’s a jojo reference…

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Use a lore-friendly name, and follow the naming conventions for your species. Do not use the names of famous real/fictional people/characters. Naming yourself after pop-culture items, icons, or references is also prohibited. Only clowns can use meme names.

ok did i say it doesn’t break a rule?

pucci is an actual italian surname, jojo just sort of popularized it, i dont know what the big deal is, it’s literally lore friendly, like bruh, he only used it for his last name too, theres no reference in his first name, so theres no rule breaking here boys


The name is an Italian surname so it is fine, and does not have to be a JOJO reference. As for the interference, it seems like proper lawyer roleplay, getting in the way of sec from arresting and injecting someone.

I’ll leave the thread open for a bit, but without other opinions or input Ill lock and reject the report.