Crow4 Banned by Fighterslam

Title: crow4 banned by Fighterslam

CKEY: Crow4
Admin’s CKEY: Fighterslam
Ban Type: Server
Ban Length: Forever??
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2021/19/10
Round ID: 33467
Ban Reason: Arguing in adminhelps, and then complaining in OOC when I refused to argue with them. You have several warnings against this. Appeal in a year. Incident round ID: 33467 Backed by Francinum.

Appeal Reason:

Hello there. Seems to be some kind of mistake here. I was playing xeno in that round, when the shuttle was getting ready to leave, out of nowhere a deathsquad pod group drops in outside shuttle. I wait until round was finished, and I inquired about the deathsquad. The ticket read back “they were a red alert ERT”. The round ended. New round starts nothing on my ahelp, so I said “How is it fair to drop 5 fully loaded deathsquad members on 5 benos?” or something to that effect. No reply. Please look at the logs for anything you might need. I feel this perma ban is a result of a personal bias. The admin abused his position to drop 5 round removed guys to seek their revenge on the winning antag, and when called out, no reply, no warning, just boop, mid game perma ban. I wasn’t rude or condensending which I know I have a tendancy to do, but I get a perma ban for this?

What warnings do I have please tell me because I’m not on no kind of last chance thing, I been pretty good lately really. What warning?

They were red alert ert? Death squad drop pods don’t mean anything?

People might not know this but tickets are not carried over rounds.

It’s not. That’s crystal clear.

Sending ert in this situation is understandable. Game is not about you winning.

About the history.
3 notes, one week ban before this. You have a history of admins getting mad at you for no reason and like 4 separate admins have bias against you?

Also a quick fact, most of the bans are warranted and not overturned, are you really sure you are one of the exceptions here?

I’ve provided what I could, I really feel it’s too random and harsh. Game isn’t about your winning makes it sound like anyone cares about winning, but sometimes antags win. That’s part of the game.

There was no Deathsquad.
Additionally, the station requested help, an inspector was sent and killed, the round had been delayed for a good while and I saw it fit to send the ERT, which was composed of:
1 High Alert ERT Commander,
1 High Alert ERT Medic,
1 High Alert ERT Engineer,
1 High Alert ERT Security Officer

and it was originally meant to come with a mech, due to there being only a small handful of ERT, a large number of the crew incapacitated, and there being over ten-something xenomorphs.

Now, as far as the ‘fairness’ thing, things were imbalanced rapidly by an atmospheric technician setting the shuttle on fire to kill the xenomorphs.

The ERT all died or got spaced and I don’t think they managed to off a single xenomorph.
The permanent ban was the result of a history of notes, no sign of improvement on your part, and an internal discussion. I told you that the ERT was a Code Red, you proceeded to complain that the “Deathsquad” was bullshit, insisting that it was a deathsquad, and upon me refusing to argue with you in the ticket, you complained in the OOC tab and then proceeded to complain in #general on the discord.

I can understand wanting a lesser sentence given the prior lack of bans leading up to this.
We’re going to discuss the situation and we’ll come to a conclusion shortly…

I don’t even know the difference between a deathsquad and that, the drop pods said deathsquad on them is the only reason I think they’re that.

I can understand wanting a lesser sentence given the prior lack of bans leading up to this.
We’re going to discuss the situation and we’ll come to a conclusion shortly

well that’s pretty cool of you, i’m glad it’s not just like the end or whatever. I am sorry if I came off as a dick, and discord i was super mad when i first saw the ban, so i totally did that. but you can’t lump that in with the ban right?..right? I uhh am chilled now though.

This ban is not appealable.
However, after some internal discussion, I have decided to lessen the ban to roughly two months - January First, 2022.

Your conduct has not improved, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and hope that you’ve learned something from this. If this behavior continues, the next ban will likely be up to half a year, if not longer.

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