Criticism of /tg/'s game design (which also applies to bee & ss13 as a whole) I want to share

This thread is genuine.

I read this hackmd 2 days ago, and it’s been circling around in my head, making me think a lot about the extent of the mistakes inherent to how ss13 was coded/made.

I wanna see if this interests anyone else, and if anyone wants to talk/discuss about it, because I genuinely believe this brings up great points about major problems created in big parts due to the fact the players themselves are the one making ss13.


I saw the same link posted by Kapu a couple of times here, definitely worth reading!

If you’re interested, from the same guy, they’ve made a thread about how we could revamp borgs which i think is such an insanely cool revamp that it’s worth talking about in it own thread, but i don’t want to make several threads per day. Do you think I should, or should it be in here?

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oh do post it here!

making this its own thread actually, fuck it

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why is my waifu the thumbnail?

interesting read

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On that subject, I really wish that ss13 could be much more paranoia filled overall, and that paranoia would become a round’s driving factor again.

It’s insane how slow rounds are overall. I barely can even be scared in ss13 anymore, no matter what role I play. Things take so long to proceed, and antags barely do anything, that, in the end, you are forced to either approach the game as a place to do big solo projects, or approach it as a chatroom.

Because realistically, unless it’s one of the rare gamemodes that cause station wide chaos (revs, cult except for blood because they get cucked so easily, …), you can pretty much expect never to die in a typical bee round, unless i willingly get myself in trouble.

I am afraid of making sorta a strawman, but i do keep seeing people who genuinely prefer when things are that slow/they are much less at risk of being round ended. It’s something I severely dislike, and think goes entirely against the entire idea of ss13.

Refers to, basically, singleplayer syndrome on the hackmd - people wanting to not be bothered in their “solo game”, which basically amounts to a chatroom or whatever project they have.

Take them all.

… what even is your point here?

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What I’m trying to say is -

We have too few maintainers, and the ones that we do have are quite honestly too timid to push through big and/or controversial changes.

Has nothing to do with your quirk post, but I completely agree that it’s just. Annoying. Bee’s evolving too slowly overall, IMO, and there’s not really much the sockswearers can do about it :confused:


If you want new code. Make it. People donate lines of data through their own work.

That’s not the issue, the issue is that it often takes an unreasonable amount of time for the maintainers to actually merge your pull request, or state what exactly is wrong with it.

Because we need more maintainers, and contributors.

I read the references post and it posits a lot of problems but no solutions.

If you have any. Please head down to the hub and subit :slight_smile:

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Yeah that’s what I’m saying, BeeStation has a serious lack of staff.

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I think the first step to fix things is to reduce round time to atleast 1 hour.

Antagonists do stealth runs cause its the safest thing to do.

Noone wants to sit out a two hour round.

Except pve players of course.


non bait post that i genuinely think should be put into action.

The faster the rounds, the less things end up boring, the more people will start to roleplay actually interesting things

then, you just need to revamp a lot of features to fit into that faster pace idea, while either reworking entirely the “it’s cool”-mechanics or deleting them outright.

Ruko’s med pr is already a very good step in the right direction, as it, from what i saw, would fix a lot of the shitty problems outlined in the doc, but there’s still a lot that need to get worked on.

the more people feel paranoid & worried, the more character-driven roleplay and immersion will be improved from being able to actually have situations to react to.

I’d say 1 hour and 30 minutes is better as it offers more time while not being horrendously long. Also based wilchen post that isnt bait? :flushed:

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just vote to continue the round

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What wilchen said, try to make rounds last an hour, but you can vote to not call the shuttle at the hour mark.

Instead of 1H30 leading to 2H 90% of the time