Cringe ban reason

Ban reason:
As a normal Engineer, took all the CE’s stuff and then arrested and bullied the real CE when they asked for their stuff.
Admin: kerbinfiber

The only thing I did in that round was learning SM, cooling loops and other nerd crap. I took an EVA suit and had it stashed for me in engineering, CE comes in with a random ass scientist and takes it, I, being the diplomat that I am asked to get the hardsuit back, proceed to non lethally snatch it from the scientist then get arrested by CE. Ultra cringe that CE even ahelped when I cuffed him and got his stuff in return. Get your story right Kerbin. Also lrp bro momento.

I dont even care about the 1 day ban, I feel insulted by the reason of the ban itself, its a blow to my pride.

Just because it’s LRP doesn’t mean you can cuff the CE, your department head, and throw them into maintenance and throw them on a glass table just because they took “your” EVA suit. Not to mention the fact that you had the CE’s stuff, specifically his advanced mag-boots. Those are a hard to replace item, which is against the rules to really take unless it’s your job, which it wasn’t.

Even then, the moment you saw the CE in engineering, you went right up to him and started flashing him again.

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CE steals my stuff after I repeteadly told him to put the EVA suit back where it was, as it was important for the work I was doing, gets mad and cries to admin when he gets his stuff stolen in return :flushed:

The rule is you cant steal an item FROM a person, Kerbin. Anything roundstart or on the floor is fair game. Your arguments a little invalid on the theft part. If the CE instigated a conflict over items he wasnt there to claim, he is at fault

The advanced mag boots can be a traitor objective. Taking them as non-antagonist is in the same vein as taking Krav Maga gloves.

This is lrp, newjannie

Only reason why I deem this cringe, not kek. Is for the ban reason, you made it sound as if I tided my way to get the CE gear then robusted him when he asked for it. Both of which literally didnt happened.
Biased and fundamentally wrong for something the CE escalated IC.

Not to mention the momento hermano when I asked for my shit several times then hoe mad when mugged?1?!!

This is why I bean em. Doesn’t matter if it’s LRP or not. It’s a ruling for both servers.

The ban appeal doesn’t even follow the proper format.