Cringe admin banned me because he assumed i was metacomming, 2 month old ban


Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
2019-10-12 09:50
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
killed random lizard assistant with two other people. pretty sure its metacomms. the other two logged off instantly when i pmed him. appeal on the forums . auth by zesko
Appeal Reason:
beat up a ligger with 2 other based greytides, jannie assumed it was metacomms, one guy left as he got bleeped which didnt help
spoiler: i fucking wasnt metacomming
Additional Information:

dat doesnt sound like metacom, its just boyz being boyz :100:

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not a single admeme replied yet smh

What the actual tf?

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also that round you were just running and griefing around, killed one sec officer for doing his job. when i asked you why, your answer was

[2019-10-12 14:38:11.394] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: CrimsonViper013/(Player1)->Piterskiy/(Player2): bruh greytides are unnamed antags of this game##

and when i asked you about those two people with who you were beating up that lizard

[2019-10-12 14:45:41.935] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: CrimsonViper013/(Player1)->Piterskiy/(Player2): you are a ■■■■■■, trialnixxer#

you also started crying and salting in discord

you know what? i’ll unban you, but if you’re getting bwoinked for self-antagging or overescalation once - you are getting permabanned again


actually, you got caught ban evading earlier, so you are getting permabanned again