Crew Transfer Vote: Good or Bad?

Hello everyone

Today I came upon a thought:

The Crew Transfer Vote, does it do more harm than good?

I feel like you’re either a traitor or have a personal project and it just ends it suddenly for you (Markus comes to mind), and if you’re not either of them you may think “This round is boring”, but actually somone’s trying to prepare to do something interesting and they end up having to rush it or cancel.

I rather rounds reach their natural conclusion, either through destruction or through Command role intervention.

Some kind of event should be related to round end always.
Ending with crew transfer is so… boring…

What do you guys think?
I don’t know how to do a poll so it may be interesting if someone can make one!



You could be having the best round you’ve ever had, but all the sudden the crew transfer vote pops up, everyone who is engaged in the round and doing stuff with the gimmick votes “no”. The assistants who have deemed the station antag free, the mime sitting at the arcade machine because they didn’t roll antag, and the geneticist who finished their job 10 minutes into the round among many other people who were just antag rolling all vote yes.

There are situations where it would be useful to have a crew transfer vote like a certain threshhold of the station is dead and there isn’t a cult or biological hazard on board that centcom wouldn’t want to send a shuttle to, but as it currently stands and has stood for the longest time, exists as the “I’m bored” bailout button.

I had a round as captain where almost the entire station was engaged in the ingoing fair on the pubby meteorite, the court case, and then killing a couple dragons before going back to the court case and there were just enough assistants and people who didn’t roll antag to vote for a crew transfer, the round never got a proper conclusion.


Yeah as it is its a shitty buzzkill mechanic to all but those unengaged with the round. If youre not vital to the station you can just cryo and wait for the next round.


Behold a poll:

Do you like crew transfer votes?
  • Yes I like crew transfer votes
  • No, I don’t like crew transfer votes
  • Eh, I am ambivalent feelings about crew transfer votes
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Now, seperate from the poll, my opinion!
I think Peppercats is right. The “I’m bored” bailout button is a bit silly if you ask me. An even bigger problem sometimes is that the people who are having fun, even if the majority, are often the ones that forget to vote and can still lose the vote.

While I do understand that without the shuttle vote, the round might not end and drive people away from the server, maybe as a compromise we should increase the initial timer for the first crew vote? Maybe 2 hours in instead of the 1:30 mark (which not so coincidentally is also the mark at which admins can be aggressive with busses and more agressive antags can spawn).

Alternatively, it shouldn’t be up to the crew, maybe after a certain amount of time, dynamic could decide when the round is “over” and start pumping in threat to end it a bit more naturally than the current OOC crew vote.

Which reminds me, is the crew vote OOC or not? How are we supposed to treat it in character? I’m assuming you can’t just beat people up for voting what you didn’t, but I’m assuming you can explain to people you can’t recall the shuttle because of the crew vote’s. But can you, I dunno, brainwash people to vote a certain way? Can you try to convince people in game with words to vote a certain way? As it stands the crew vote just feels like an IC/OOC band-aid option for boring rounds that comes up way too often.

Rant over :slight_smile:


We had 2 swarmers the other day and captain said “there’s nothing we can do against swarmers I’m calling it”, 20+ crew and no attempt even MADE to fight the 2 swarmers. I’m not a fan of it at all.


That’s a different situation, we’re talking about crew transfer votes, the ones that show up with a notification and can’t be recalled. The captain you mentioned just called the shuttle normally.


Thanks, I was unaware of the distinction. I’m not a fan of ANY early shuttle call and any FORCED shuttle call is a bad idea in my opinion. I get lowpop can be very slow and frustrating though if you don’t have some crucial jobs on the station and it affects your job and sometimes you want it to end, I feel like there should be some sorta lowpop access, the rounds where its 10 - 20 and we get no maints access suck so bad when someone gets merked by a maints monster and never comes back because nobody can get into find em.

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The system is good, but I want that to be more ICly.


Crew transfer vote was something I originally didn’t like, but its a necessary evil. Rounds that have something going on in terms of either RP or interesting stuff often get extended, rounds with nothing happening at all get ended and rounds that should be ended get ended. Overall it’s a good feature and something that we need.


It genuinely is a necessary evil as bacon said.
“I had a really cool gimmick but crew transfer came and ruined it” almost always meant the gimmick involved like 10% of the station and still had 90% of the crew bored to death. Dismissing everyone voting as yes as “antag rollers” or people who don’t rp is just wild

It may be annoying to you, but you have to understand that this is a multiplayer game and your fun does not get to ignore most other people’s fun -
again, if you really do have a good gimmick but a majority of the station feels completely disconnected from it, it means your gimmick really does not have as much of a reach as you think and most players were probably bored to tears.

Again, as bacon said, almost always those crew transfer votes ended round which had not much happening for most people, kept going if everyone felt cool continuing and pushing forward, or just ended it when the station was in disrepair & no one could call shuttle due to various reasons.


I should note that it also extended round times by making it so people couldn’t call the shuttle early from being bored, giving antagonists a relatively consistent amount of time to plan and execute their ideas.


The stuff i’m reading in this thread is wild for sure, wew.

-Login into the game after a hard day’s work, only 2 hours to play, join midround
-Literally nothing happening, a few amount of people are having fun but you’re either too late to join in or are not concerned by it
-Get told to “just cryo and play later” as the round goes on for an extra hour as command is having a ton of fun and the crew has no say in it
-Congrats, you’re probably not playing much tonight

Keypoint, You. You’re not playing alone

“Everyone who is not enjoying the round after an entire hour of playing is either a shitter, an assistant or antag rollers”

Maybe, just maybe, if there was enough people on board who went “yeah finish this round”, they felt like the fair gimmick was not interesting anymore or genuinely weren’t enjoying the round because they weren’t interested in the fair gimmick (surprisingly, not everyone enjoys things you do, and they are not shitters for it)

As bacon said, you have a whole ass 1H30 to prepare, and you can know the timer will be relatively consistent. If you’re not able to prepare and have to rush, it’s genuinely and without irony a you problem and people should not have to force themselves to keep playing despite no enjoyment solely because “maybe some guy has a good gimmick incoming”

This happens on lowpop where most players are regulars and people who play this game a lot. Most people do not want to wait 3 hours for a round to finish because dynameme started with threat 0

If that is really a problem, just make it a forced popup you see when it appears,that you can dismiss or vote in. I don’t think it’d change much.

2 hours is way too long and will ruin the pace of most bee rounds. 1H30 is already stretching it, upon reaching that point 90% of antags will have done their gimmick/finished their objective/ got caught. The 30 minutes afterwards will not usually contain much of interest.

I don’t think making it more IC or forcing people to keep playing a round they don’t enjoy with IC content is far from something we want out of this. If the round is boring, it should end, and the vote accomplishes that well.


“An even bigger problem sometimes is that the people who are having fun, even if the majority, are often the ones that forget to vote and can still lose the vote.”


I hardly ever notice the crew transfer vote, and I’m generally having fun. When I’m not I go make something HAPPEN.

I never cryo unless I have to go for IRL reasons. I rather just try to make something interesting happen.


Rounds are only boring if the players are boring.


Ah yes, that dismisses everything I said.
If players are boring causing the round to be boring, then maybe the round should end so that the boring players either leave or find something cool to do next round?
I don’t understand your point at all here, are you genuinely arguing that boring rounds should continue because it’s not the round that’s boring, it’s the players?

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I didn’t mean to dismiss everything you said.
There was a lot to read and I got it from the start that we didn’t agree.

What I am saying is that players should try to make something happen within reason and not turtle themselves in their “jobs”.

Sure at some point science runs out of game objectives to pursue, but they can create RP objectives, interacting with other crewmembers.

There was one time, (and I’ll mention Markus again), Low pop, the round went on for like 5 hours. Of course if you don’t think creatively your only objectives were completed 4 hours ago.

However, Markus had the idea to turn Lavaland base into a real base with all the departments there. Everyone helped, everyone had a good time, because they interacted with each other. And all this because one guy had some strange idea.

I spend a lot of my time in game just waiting. Waiting for my next interaction. One time I even willingly exiled myself into the Perma and spend the whole round there creating weapons, redecprating, with only some casual visits from the officers and captain. But it was one of the coolest rounds because we all got to do something different.

In truth some players play the “game”, others try to become it, become the fun.


And what is the Crew transfer vote other than “I’m bored, come pick me up?”.
What is it other than a selfish thing?

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This is a really cool idea!


Everytime someone says something similar i’m bewildered that they actually think this is a good pov to have about the game.
Hard to swallow pill, wrong thread for it sadly -
Not everyone is creative or able to come up with gimmicks,even less making good interesting ones - even less involve the entire crew into it.
Going “Wow people don’t even make an effort to make the round interesting” is wild, like, everyone is not as good as you visibly.

And I’m truly amazed at the implication that crew transfer vote is bad because it incentivises people to be boring. Your personal skills and experience with the game are not a generality, get a bit of perspective and put yourself into the shoes of others without immediately dismissing them as shitters/antagrollers as peppercat did

And this is even better.
“Everyone else is not having fun but me. Truly, they are the selfish ones for not caring about MY enjoyment !”