Creative ways to suicide

Man you didnt roll dat antag or being alive is just suffering, suggest some creative ways to die/suicide

Suicide as all four golem spawns and four pod person spawns

that’s creative

thats just grifing boooo

you asked creative
i give you creative

that’s not even creative. Its a uncreative way to get ghostrole banned

Hold your breath until you faint.


Or, just alter AI laws and order them to kill you.

I know of a stupid but creative way to die, but im gonna wait for antag with die objective to do it


steal shoes of shitsec


Uber creative way to suicide.

Use the cryopod, you know, the thing you’re supposed to use instead of just offing yourself.

Bash toolbox on head until horizontal.

Head to lavaland and try to kill all the bosses there.

Say in comms if an antag needs to kill you to go to maintenance.

Say you want to fight in the ring in dorms before you fight say that if they die you will bring them to cloning, but if you die you want to give the Chaplain a job and space you.

Be a sacrifice to your or the Chaplain god.

Note: if you are going to die to someone I think it is best to write down on paper saying you want to die and don’t want to be cloned and just to make sure people do not think that the paper is fake use this [sigh] on the paper even if a Changeling becomes you only you can have your name look like this so even shit sec should know this as if shit sec was not bad cus they down know what are they doing

And if you want to know why I know a lot about killing my self I spend most of my time in medbay.

you’re = you are
you’re god
you are god
be aa sacrifice to you are god

Be a sacrifice to you are god.


I hear some player character religion is themselves so… Yeah, it works.

Thanks for the misspell I did not even know there is a difference between your and you’re