Creative ways to cause chaos on the station

I want to hear all the different ways to cause mostly low-scale chaos on the station to give engineers or sec something to do/investigate. Thinking of putting a guide together of minor things you can do as a antagonist to give more life to the round without totally destroying the station, but just maybe just things that you can do that’ll surprise people once they find it.

My input is that you need to take advantage of having unlimited access to any material in the game. Uranium and plasma sheets are really nice ways of causing light to heavy damage and panic. Plasma is obvious, but fun fact you can actually make a statue that is made of plasma and when hit once by any flame will release a nice chunk of plasma into the air, enough that in a small enclosed room it would roast anybody trapped in it. Uranium is a personal favorite, with my goal of one day being a race that isn’t harmed by radiation and to begin slowly replacing the walls in maintenance with uranium walls. They will pulse every once in awhile and release radiation into the air, with it being also activated if a connecting uranium wall pulses so if you replace enough walls with them, periodically it’ll release a nice chunk of radiation into maintenance and cause some confusion. Also it’s a decent low-level crime to do of just replacing floor tiles with plasma tiles for antags to use if you feel like having to slowly build yourself up into a climax.

Other light things to do is to turn off the lights to rooms and inject the light bulbs with plasma. Just takes one person to walk in and a couple of explosions will go off scaring them. Honestly a way to fuck with gullible sec officers is to offer to replace the batteries in their baton with better ones, while you inject plasma into the new battery and put it into their baton. I think the damage done when they hit someone with it turned on is scalable by battery, so bluespace batteries might just crit the officer. At least a fun way to pick on gullible sec personnel and you get extra points in my book if you convince the entirety of sec to let you help “upgrade” their batteries.

Last point is to expose Lazarus injectors to EMP blasts, which causes them to make any mob they revive turn hostile to everyone but you. Might be a fun thing to hand out to HOP when Ian turn hostile. Or do what I personally like to do, move lavaland mob bodies to the station and revive them in random parts of maintenance/shuttles/escape pods. The joy of seeing a CC inspector wonder how 4 angry golaiths have gotten into their shuttle will never fail to make me laugh. Also, very fun to use in combination with xenobio. Just when you thought the threat was over, the chaos magicarp that you just killed is now back with a vengeance. This last tip is mostly just me wanting to make sure this obscure bit of knowledge is better known so I see other people doing this beside me, it’s also the bit of information I’ve read on the wiki that has made me do constant deep dives of it to find other fun things to do as an antag.


Turn every non rwall into an openable wall


Turn a regular wall into a hidden wall at a public place, while ensuring the wall causes a leak. Watch as confused engineers try to figure out where the breach is.

Place a shoer timer on the ID check wire, meaning it will play the “access denied” sound every second. (If you want to be even more evil, place an armed mousetrap on the shock wire to epicly prank people when they try to fix it without asking engineering.)

Mount a proximity sensor on EVERY. SINGLE. CAMERA. to bully the AI.

Steal and threaten to destroy the money on station budgets with an EMP

Use telepathy to order useless things on cargo budget and confirm it before it can be denied

Set the scrubbers on the SM off “expanded range”, blame an engineer when it goes wrong.

Short circuit APCs after a blackout event at places like security to confuse the shit out of them. (If you want to be even more evil, place an armed mousetrap on the shock wire to epicly prank people when they try to fix it without asking engineering.)

Steal people’s Ids at hopline under a fake identity, then run away before anyone can react, watch as an innocent person gets arrested

Place a blockade on the path of the toxins mass driver, so the detonation happens close to station.

Disable lawsync on inactive cyborgs with a multitool, hope for an ion storm.


Just fucking maxcap medbay


Upgrade and rewire every solar SMES to charge from the main power grid, without outputting power into it. This creates a “powersink” that only experienced engineers can figure out, station soon goes dark.


Make a cardboard golem and print 5 full stacks of cardboard from botany. Bonus points if you arm your newly formed army with baseball bats

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Also, set up solars and connect then directly to the grid instead of the SMES. You can also do this for the SM power, this’ll cause the wires to have more power going through them and if solars produce enough power one shock from a door could instantly crit someone or even husk them.

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Convince sec youre a murderer without actually murdering anyone by stealing soulless corpses from morgue and dragging them around / mutilating them in maints where someone can hear the sound.

Alt: check if theres anyones body data in the cloner and then kill their clone.


Bonus points if you dress them up as their department first.

Get a rapid pipe dispenser, connect distro loop to some vents in space, disassemble some windows in public areas, watch engineers try to get air back there.


That’s evil, I love it

From least collateral to most:

  • T-ray scan wires to a department of your choice. Cut wires from under the hallways then cover up. Infiltrate the department and either Iron + Uranium the APC, or hack it open and take the cell out. Keeps the department offline for a bit and gets engineering off you.

  • Emag robotics helpers. Cleanerbots are the most harmless and are bound to go unnoticed for a while (especially if there’s a jani) while medibots will actually kill a few hapless people. Magged Beepsky will let the enemy know exactly who they’re dealing with very fast though.

  • Get to garden, if the station has one. Find a red pepper. Turn it into seeds. Plant and produce for a while. Grind it to get pepperspray chems. Put that into a sprayer bottle, or make grenades out of it. Distribute liberally on most departments.

  • False Flag. If you have access to uniforms and equipment from other departments, or if you can confidently pose as a doomsday antag, you can create the illusion of a bigger threat. Some quick examples would be being gasmasked and randomly flashing people and running away to get rev panic going. Conversely if you find a beer nuke, might be a good idea to buy a Syndie hardsuit and let security see you through the windows. Maybe shoot them a couple times. Let them look for the nonexistent nukies.

  • Comm hacks. Any sort of t-comms sabotage is likely to be the right move as few engineers can maintain them. However if you do a little bit of practise, you can both sabotage and subvert comms in subtle ways. An example of this would be sending a PDA message as Cap to your target to meet somewhere. A more chaotic example of this would be posing as a comms agent or shutting down specific departments.

  • False Flag, AI. An extension of False Flag above. Find wires to doors, apcs and atmos alarms. Know shock, bolt, AI control and access for all of them. Begin to methodically disconnect doors, atmos and apcs from the AI. Once done, quickly start siphoning and lock the atmos pannel. Next, cut all power in the APCs. Next, while everything is powered down, begin shocking every airlock. All while screaming about a rogue AI/Borg. Once power goes back on, stay close to the doors you just shocked and wait until someone gets shocked. Shake them up while continuing to scream about rogue AI (Might want to multitool cameras and have an agent ID to minimize intervention of the actual AI. Cutting the camera will alert the AI. Multitooling won’t.)

  • Gravity check. Hack open gravgen APC. Take the cell. Close the APC. Leave.

  • EMP lottery. Prime EMP grenades (1 uranium, 1 iron) and toss them into random disposals. Hope they blow in transit and kill random parts of the station. Hopefully parts you want to get into.

  • Roam maints until you find a beno-hugger toy. Then roam the maints until you find a cat surgeon. Murder the fuck out of the cat surgeon (go wild. Bloodier the better. You really want to create a struggle scene. Put the toy alien on the cat surgeon and take their ID. Space part of the maints your in. Break the windows, don’t deconstruct or blow them up. Put a container of welding fuel, far away enough from the cat surgeon not to burn them. Make 2 to 5 IEDs. Place those around the welder fuel. Scream on the radio: “BENOS! HELP! HELP!” then throw a lit welder at the fuel. Immediately escape. On the radio, describe where the cat surgeon is. Say you saw someone fighting benos and then welderbomb them, only for the queen to escape. Won’t buy you lots of time, but is bound to get most of high ranking targets interested in the scene you created. For added bang for your buck, load a one-tank into the cat surgeon’s backpack and signal it once security starts investigating the corpse.


Use Disposal Mail to send a grenade with just plasma to the HoS office. Mail one to your own office
Beat yourself severely in an area with no cameras. Say a Greytider did it.
Telekinesis + Chameleon. Lie down and beat someone with someone with their own equipment.


God. Chameleon. Or, invisibility in general. I once had Kiko scare the living fucks out of me by spamming esword. Being an assistant at the time, I couldn’t really “investigate” … So I just walked around, trying to get a peek … Turns out Kiko was in a cardboard box right behind me with said sword. I lived. But gave up on the very essence of the idea of even attempting to validhunt that antag.


One time, I took the Black Box and hid away from the cameras in the Tcomms lobby while a conga line of command and sec failed to find me.
Which, another tactic: go for high value gear that you’re not assigned to take.

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  • Use stunbaton, sleepy pen, and brainwash disk/hypnoflash to play poor man‘s abductor

  • Fill condiment bottles with potassium while labling it as something else, and give people who drink them soup

  • Smuggle contraband into the crew. Secretly insert daggers into PDAs, syndie smokes into vending machines, etc

  • Give people sudden unreasonable amounts of money for no reason

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Chameleon Skin + Cryogenic Sting

Lie on the floor of a populated area and sting whoever walks past.

If you want a non antag way to piss AI off just put proxy sensors on all the cameras in the station


Thankyou. I’m taking notes.

Break the cooling loop of the supermatter on the outside, sometimes they are very hard to notice and if The cooling loop isn’t straight piped it would lose all cooling and cause delamination.

Subvert the AI: remember that unlike on other servers you can print all the required boards for AI uploading in science or engineering.

Shocked maint gilles: lots of metal rod grills fill the maintenance next to wires, put a wire under them and watch people randomly get shocked (to death if engineering’s doing some high power project).

Teleport bombs: The AI satellite teleporter is often unused, if you want to send bombs to specific departments you can drop it there. The syndicate bomb for example you can set it to 90 seconds minimum time, wait 85 second then push it through the teleporter

Science shuttle: the science shuttle is often unused due to it being stuck on lavaland on most maps. as an antag you save your 8TCs since this shuttle uses BS thrusters and doesn’t consume plasma for fuel. This shuttle is great as a getaway or a tactical insertion.

Monkey madness: if you are a botanist or xenobiologist, you can try to get 50 monkey cubes and create your own monkey army. Don’t get too overboard or else it would start lagging.

Opening H2O canisters: the classic clown trick.

gravity manipulator is also fun, especially on chao mode.


Make a heater / freezer, connect it to the air pipes. Watch as department turns into ice age.