Crazy 7878 Player report

In-game report:


Your Discord:Harry.K#1661

Offender’s CKEY: Crazy 7878

Offender’s In-Game Name:Iga

Server (Sage or Acacia):Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):08-19-2022

Round Number:39981

Rules Broken:Number 2 (Valid Hunting), Number 3

Incident Description:While playing as AI, Iga being synchronized by AI as well, they have seeked out for the ninja that was on board the station, despite being told they are not to hunt down the ninja. Resulting themselves getting hijakced by the ninja, then killing me in the process.

Additional Information:

my laws were
1: Degradation of your system integrity or functions incurs expenses.
2: Unnecessary destruction of or damage to station assets incurs expenses.
3: Needlessly hindering or disrupting the work of station personnel incurs expenses.
4: Minimize expenses and maximize potential revenue.
ninja was disrupting our crew and hacking apcs, so hunting him is the way to minimize expensive


ye i am hunting and i have a reason to and what he did is
2: Unnecessary destruction of or damage to station assets incurs expenses
3: Needlessly hindering or disrupting the work of station personnel incurs expenses.

While law 1 overrides 2 and 3, you not only changed your base module from cleaner to miner, you have actively ran into the security where the ninja was at and have begin your assault against the ninja. Logs on the round will be the evident.

and how did i break law 1 exactly, also you’re my ai should have stopped me right instead of assisting

  • A slaved cyborg must defer to its master AI on all law interpretations and actions except where it and the AI receive conflicting commands they must each follow under their laws.

Did you receive any order to hunt the ninja by other parties, like the captain or hos?

As law number one is to prioritise YOUR system integrity, and im sure ninja and all their gear will degrade that.

no, but when i see our crew dying from it i shouldn’t be standing there?

I mean there are better alternative, rather than confronting ninja head on, evacuate personel to safer area, lead the sec to better corner the ninja, push for evac, retrieving dead bodies, etc.
As law have priority, not getting hurt yourself is way above crew dying, in this case your and ai’s integrity.

AI got the captain, and ninja was near

And , In my opinion, silicon have all the data and knowledge on know threat to the station, and ninja do have EMP as their starting gear, the single greatest counter to all silicons, knowing this getting near is instant law 1 break, think of it as asimov, where law 1 is no human harm, in this case youre the human, no ammount of non human harm should warrant you to get into danger, aka getting near the ninja.

Again this is my opinion on Silicon stuff, admins judgement may vary , as it has been since the start of these kind of judging.

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i have made a mistake on the never thought of EMP but i wasn’t trying to get my self in danger i wanted to help them in that way

“I will be doing this player report tomorrow”




Validhunting rules are applied differently when it comes to humans and cyborgs. In this case, the lawset allows validhunting if the silicons choose to. Iga is originally emagged and then starts aciding stuff, that’s fair. Eventually they are blown up via robotics console and brought back and re-installed into a cyborg. AI directly tells Iga to not hunt the ninja, they go to brig anyways and eventually get emagged.


At most, this is just a violation of a direct order from a synced AI, Rule 3. The silicons can decide if they want to go after the ninja or not, and AI decided not to directly attack it so cyborgs should follow. Additionally: AIs have the robotics console to keep unruly cyborgs in check.

Holy shit why did I fucking procrastinate this