Crate with detective gun

Is there a reason we don’t have crate with detective colt?

uhh probably for uniqueness? i guess, although it would be nicer if we could get some guns from the code like the older shotguns as an option.

I guess it could be part of the forensic crate. I don‘t think it’s ID locked though, so you would have to include that too for balance.

Forensics crate is security crates so its locked

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On TG they have crate
Sometime you join as second det and no gun for you. Or it can be lost.
I think it would be nice to have option for replacment

This should be on Suggestions category :flushed:

That would be an interesting proposal and a way to get the gun back if destroyed, we don’t usually play with two detective slots but we have the ocassional Det-side kick but from all i’ve seen they rarely get trusted with a gun,

Meta Station office is equipped with two closets so they have an extra revolver, there’s a current PR that rebalances some Det stuff Here you could comment and suggest it if you want it

Personally it’s a pain when you’re a late-join Det when the previous cryod because you need to find Captain or someone with similar access to retrieve the gun from cryostorage and they’re usually busy

let the det order a special hat that he can just pull a new gun out of lol


Go go gadget .357!


Honestly, I was thinking to make det gun create myself, since it’s just copy and paste. All i need is path to det revolver and idea for description

Det’s revolver is /obj/item/gun/ballistic/revolver/detective

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where are or how i can see /obj/ coz i looked at repo but probably im blind

Download Visual Studio Code, install it and the BYOND extensions for it.
Also head to the discord, #role-request channel and grab a coder role then open the coding channel.
There it’ll be easier to explain

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