Cowards Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Heepox

Your Discord: snowblind#3732

How long have you been playing ss13?:

And some 50h on TG or so

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: My Explosive personality

Game Experience (More Detailed):
13 minute 50k research bomb rush
I dont do command or sec unless im the detective or RD,CMO,CE no captain or hos or hop
I know my drugs and cryo nuff said
Cool the sm with tritium you say? ok lets do it
Cargo is the land of stolen things because otherwise the bounties never get done
no more explosive wheat im sad… time to just grind em and make nitro nades i guess
Strong Gestures of discontent from the theatre yeah there is a youtube video i made low quality.
I do contracts as tator
I have a note as i like explosives and sometimes things dont work out
CMO and CEO of Drugs 2020

Recognize the name. Aware that hes robust. +1

he knows fusion give he mentor +1

oh boy he played chaplain 7hours
and a shaft miner I see that is really rare

I’ve never seen this person before but they seem pretty based

not much to really say here



Accepting at +5 after a long time.