Coward 'Doc' Mcskittishson Feedback

Generally you can find me in all departments except Sec. as the RD I do the research bomb at around 13 minutes. as CMO Im either giving the virologist virus crates for days or making bath salts and other drugs for crazy chem cocktail ideas. As the CE I do fusion and strange SM setups that start delamming and then recover and delam and recover constantly making the AI scream at me. The few times im QM I just try to make everyone a miner for that sweet sweet plasma. Used to do botany but sep chems got fucked, but its fixed now so i might start flinging stuff around again. Was a mime a dozen times before too.

Made me a good maxcap that blew up
Whole of chem, very good very happy

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I see you in medbay usually, you seem chill but strict to assholes.