Council ruling question

So, I was looking at antag conduct for murderbonong, but it doesn’t really touch on lings. Namely, does having the “absorb x genomes” objective enable you to more or less kill everyone? I’ve heard it argued both ways, since killing and absorbing “technically” counts towards the objective, but the MRP rules also say to avoid excessive carnage when possible, which seems to imply that they need to use the DNA extraction sting to succeed.

Is there an official ruling on this? Just so we don’t have to argue the next time a ling say he can slaughter people because of this objective.

Thos is MRP, by the way.

good question personally i would say that as long as you are absorving them to complete your objective it’s alright but that you should seek other ways to get dna, so imo you are allowed to do it but i encourage you to seek other forms to completing this objective than to just just kill and abosrb people.

I always use DNA sting, (it’s easier, faster, and undetectable) but I’ve seen other people use the slaughter everyone method on MRP, so I wanted to clarify.

My main source of confusion is that the rules say to avoid excessive carnage on MRP, and ling sting exists, yet some people use the murder all in sight method, which seems to break that rule.

The conduct specifically says to use nonlethal methods where they’re available in MRP, so no you cannot exclusively kill and absorb for your X genomes objective by the rules as written

Which I agree with, but I kind of just want to get one definition in writing, so I can just point at that instead of argue the next time a ling does that. Especially since the admins seem kind of split on it.

I would argue that it already exists in the conduct. If you’re referencing that recent player report, I’m pretty sure the conduct as written goes against that guy but no one wants to punish a shitter like owen / punish based on brand new rules

I meant more because i’ve been bwoinked by mark for excessive absorptions on mrp, (I had more reason than needing genomes for those absorbs, so nothing happened to me) but zesk seems to think it’s ok to slay everyone to absorb. That’s what I meant by split, since a few admins, don’t seem to agree on whether theling objective allows murderbone.

I don’t really care about owen enough to try and get him banned over this, I just want a definitive statement so it doesn’t happen again.

Damn nibba u salty :sunglasses: