Council position on antag goal changes?

Personally i don’t like to put a player out of the round, so if I’m say tator, and my goal is to kill X I either hope they die, or say hey X you need to be borged, which point they shout he’s traitor and round over for me

So what’s councils position on ahelping goal change?
Why don’t I just not be traitor? Cause I enjoy the steal SM shard etc

Not a council, but I am voting negatively. You have a lot of obstacles to overcome to succeed. No.


Find a way to kill them, but only them.
If you want to borg them, mannitol can restore a damaged brain for borging.

Also memetext > greentext

I could kill them but I don’t like to take players out of rounds, I feel guilty

Nobody is reading what he’s saying, this is the best part.

He’s not implying that he doesn’t want to kill, he’s implying that he wants the player he killed to remain in the round as a borg (or just in the round), while still getting his greentext for killing them. As far as I know, if your target is borged, they still count as dead.

They do indeed, but I’m asking if it’s ok to request goal change so for example Demdisco round isn’t ruined by A. Being dead and me hiding/destroying body so can’t be reborn or B. Being a Borg when you just wanted to play Chaplin

Everywhere, there are winners and loosers. There is no other way. Or it ruins wins. It always have been that way.

Not council, but instead of goal changing get comms console and contact syndicate for MORE OBJECTIVES. At least you can say you were not being a boring tator man.

I have the best solution to your problem, crusader.

Buy the syndie surgical kit. Comes with a full surgical toll set, a muzzle, and most impotantly, an MMI that will instant emag any borg it is placed in.

Just sleepy pen, kidnap, do ghetto brain surgery, (or use circular saw to decapitate and get mannitol) make a borg body, and boom, guiltless murder, and a new ally. Just remember to disable suit sensors on the corpse.

You could also just ignore the objectives, and do something else. Objectives are a suggestion, not a goal, so just do whatever you want. Kidnap people and add or remove body parts, steal SM shard and meme on people, or laugh as you throw slipocalyse clusterbangs for the luls instead of doing your objectives.

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We are not playing a pony game after all. Although I have some expansion ideas for traitors’ objectives.

Know what? Fight me IRL I’m 8ft black guy my dads bill gates m8

It’s important to say that the Council had no part in these 2 new policies as these were prepared before the idea of a new Council even began.

New policy’s? 20 characters fuck beestation forums

But legit @Xlyana is there ruling on this or is it upto the admin?

Only goal i will change on ahelp is hypospray cuz it has a mean habit of disappearing due to unrobust cmo mains who want to cuck antags or just being a tiny ass item