Could we add a securitron to the vault?

There was bait?

ruko, a targeted individual

The warden don’t even have access to the vault.
I have stolen the vault myself, without security been able to enter before I take the self-destruct core.


We should put microbombs into every person who is not sec that activates as soon as they leave their department.

Clearly the solution is to make QM a head


Clearly the solution is to nerf mining, thus devaluing the vault by reducing the amount of ore stored in it.


Then and admin can ban him for powergaming by making the vault more secure.

bro i thought the thread was about the armory holy shit im braindead lmao

doesnt it already have a securitron

you can tell that even when I do play I dont play sec

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the only defence vault has is a reinf wall directly exposed to space and a motion sensor camera.
you can probably see the issue here, considering 3 separate antag objectives are located there.