Cotton plant player report

In-game report:

CKEY: Yuliy

Your Discord: Harry.K#1661

Offender’s CKEY: Cotton plant

Offender’s In-Game Name: Lavender Addison

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-08-2023

Round Number: 42162

Rules Broken:13-4

Incident Description: Lavender intentionally broke into security just to make captain and security to track them down.

Additional Information: They were continuously getting in the way of the security team whenever possible, starting by stealing the baton of the officer’s by disarming then following down to killing entire commanding team and security team; HoP, Captain, and HoS, then detective, but while completely ignoring Speaks-His-Thoughts, the Clown, who was freely wondering around on the hallway and speaking out stuffs.
They may say ‘I was helping another agent’ but no, they were not. It was more of security almost getting Lavender down who was having antagonistic behaviour, then another agent will come to RESCUE Lavender, not the other way around.


They literally tried to help me escape my cell, I was the contractor huffing Nytril and zooming around.
Also antagonist conduct says

Security may be considered a threat and may be pre-emptively eliminated without provocation, but low-collateral methods must be used to eliminate them. Bombing the security wing is not considered low-collateral.

so all in all Lavender was actually going nice on them

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He just done an antag gimmick-“be a nuisance to sec”. Dont be mad that people are not focusing on their given objectives. They are meant to encourage your real goal- roleplay, not blindly go gamer to achieve that sweet sweet greentext.

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From what I have witnessed, those ‘tried to help you to escape your cell’ is a false.
As an AI, what I witnessed was that first you were serving your sentence, then at front of that cell, Lavender disarmed one of the officer and stole the stunbatton, resulting in the fight with the captain who was also on the brig hallway, along with the officer.
Officer soon cryo’ed as Lavender escapes through the security maintenance by using their own Emag, then your sentence has been served later on.
After some few minutes passed, Lavender showed themselves in the security, intentionally showing their location to the detective who just arrived, and the fight with the detective, with a chaplain on Detective’s side, has begun right next to the labor camp shuttle hallway.
You then appeared as when Lavender was almost to be captured after brutal fight between the chaplain and the detective, dismantling the windows and break in to the hallway that was been locked out by the firealarm locks, which were intended to prevent Lavender to escape.
Some more fight occured, along with new-joined HoS who’ve been brutally murdered soon after the engagement occured, you and both Lavender ended up killing the HoS, HoP, Captain, Detective and the Chaplain, which wasn’t reasonable enough to murderbone like that with their objectives provided.
Lavender didn’t even attempted to get a close to the clown what I’ve witnessed when they managed to escape, nor tried to download the research node.

It’s called self defence. You know, fuck around an armed individual and find out. Mind you, Captain was my assassination target and security is fair game to antagonists if low collateral methods are used to eliminate them. Hell, when I went after the HoP for his access I only crit him to steal his PDA then used the epipen on him.

This report is not about you, it’s about Lavender intentionally getting themselves as a target.
Mind the rule section 13-4, at the top.

  • Intentionally creating additional witnesses as an excuse to kill them will be considered murderboning.

just to be clear:
is this is a report about an antagonist breaking into security, antagonizing security, killing members of security, aiding a fellow antagonist, and killing people who decided (of their own volition) to join security in the fight against them?


Not aiding a fellow antagonist. What I seen was they weren’t aiding anything, only another agents aiding Lavender. But mostly, yes. But not withint proper reasons, I felt they just broke in just because they can by using their emag, intentionally being the target of anybody.
They served their time as well previously in the brig when they were arrested, and there were no further reasons to murderboning the security, from what I’ve seen.

There’s also this part of antag conduct.

  • Security may be considered a threat and may be pre-emptively eliminated without provocation, but low-collateral methods must be used to eliminate them. Bombing the security wing is not considered low-collateral.

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Lavender here. I broke into security for 3 reasons, 1) to steal weaponry and a secbelt, which I did 2) to make security’s job a bit more interesting by adding a break in 3) to rescue the brigged syndie, ceti. I didnt break into brig JUST to cause a goosechase, I stole sechuds and a secbelt.

As wilson (ceti) said, command and sec are fair game per antag conduct. I was only planning on hurting cap and the first officer, but det and hos came at a very inconvenient time and suddenly there were 2 more people after me and ceti. You (ai) firelocked me in with the hos and i had no choice but to fight back.


I did my best to aid ceti how I could. I tried to emag the cell but it wasnt working, so I ended up distracting cap and the officer while trying to give ceti time to break out using their tools. Ceti and I killed security because they were actively after us, armed with lethals, and chap decided to involve themselves and had to bite the dust also. Chap had a sword and was aiding the detective in fighting us, for context.


I will be honest here, while reading this entire report page i was confused, i was like “isn’t those things antags SHOULD do?”. Bad report if you ask me.


This is the most bog standard tot gameplay around, not a single rule was broken here


No, from what I have witnessed, you were released after serving the time on the brig, while as Ceti AD was almost having their time serve on the brig completely, only 4 minutes away from where you begin causing a ‘goosechase.’ Officer who wasn’t skilled enough got disarmed, and you stole their stun baton and circled around the officer against the captain.
As while to say, number 1 reasoning. There’s like 3 security checkpoints you could’ve looted instead of causing a ‘goosechase.’ Instead of looting those checkpoints, you just gone for more trouble.
At the time where you returned back on the brig after running away from maintenance tunnels of the security, Ceti AD already served their time in brig and been released out. There were no point of yours to get back to the security, unless you were going for the brig for more weaponaries; which you didn’t, but only making more witnesses to chase after you on the hallway.

Bog standard antagonist gameplay that involves not stealthing your objectives for 2hrs and nobody even knowing something interesting was going on.
If we start banning this as a precedent we are doomed.

That said immediately boning sec unprompted does fall under “gaming above RP”. I’ve read through a small novel that was their logs from this round and found it not to be the case here because they had rightful beef with sec over being brigged (in addition to their flavor objective that may be loosely interpreted as “mess with sec in brig”).