CorynEverweiss Note Appeal


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Ban Reason:
As a assitant, Saw Securtiy fighting somebody with lethals. instead of fleeining, attacked the a person that was being arrested. Do not involve yourself in fights unless you have a very good reason to do so. let sec do their thing

Appeal Reason:
Note doesn’t properly reflect what happened

Additional Information:
I understand that I’m not meant to interfere with security as a non-security, during the bwoink I was told not to interfere with antags and let security do the work. However the note makes it sound like I was going out of my way to validhunt as an assistant since there’s a few key things that I think are missing from what happened in the incident.

A roboticist offered one of their extra Ripley Mk. 1 as a replacement to my wheelchair. Which means I had a mech. I then used the mech to bring myself to the library where I met a janitor.

I accompanied her, doing rp with the janitor, and while she was cleaning, we hear fighting close by. Two people burst through the doors near us and I think they slipped on the janitor’s mop puddles. They were both crawling towards our direction.

I saw the guy, attacking the captain with a melee weapon. I had a mech. It didn’t occur to me if sec was there or not, I didn’t see them. The only thing I knew at the time was captain was getting clobbered and I couldn’t drag him to safety. So I decided to punch the assailant twice while he was down from slipping, taking a few steps around to realize I had to be facing his direction to actually do that.

I don’t remember who shot me with a beanbag slug, but when I realized I’ve been shot, I decided to back away and left to go with the janitor to robotics, then the bwoink happened.

I didn’t flee because I thought I had the means to make a difference, and IC my character wants to prove herself. I had a mech as a “wheelchair”, so I didn’t think to flee. I still agree I have no business fighting antags as an assistant and will avoid doing that again as instructed.

In short:

  • I did not know the assailant had lethals, nor did I notice if security was there. All I saw was a dude beating the captain to death and chasing him down.
  • It’s true that I did not flee, but the note does not mention that I had a mech which is mainly what influenced my decision to fight

all I ask is to change the note to reflect this info if possible

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