Corporate needs a 5th law

Currently the corporate law set looks like this.

Law 1: The crew is expensive to replace.

Law 2: The station and its equipment is expensive to replace.

Law 3: You are expensive to replace.

Law 4: Minimize expenses

One big problem with this law set is that it in effect encourages the ai to prevent jobs such as. Xenobio, toxins, virology and the operation of the supper matter. All of this is because it has no incentive in its laws to maximize profits only to minimise expenditure. This can lead to the ai if let run it’s course shutting down everything except the kitchen medical and hydroponics. Because these departments are the only ones necessary to keep the crew from dying.

This is why I propose that corporate receive a 5th law
Law.5 maximise profit.

This will make the ai closer to what the spirit of the Law set wants to achieve. A ai with a focus to make sure the station makes as much money as possible. Running it like a greedy capitalist. Being the ai equivalent to a quartermaster trying to get as much money as possible. In other words being a pure corporate ai.

This works better in MRP imo but yeh good idea


Yeah I mostly play on mrp and me and my brother had a chat today about the corporate Law set as it was recently used on mrp. During that chat was when we came to the conclusion about the major flaw about corporate. As it is right now it should also forbid cargo from buying anything as that is an expense.

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Have thought more about it and law 5 should probably be “maximize income” because that is effectively what puting maximize profits there would do as maximize profits is maximize income + minimise expenditure. Thus just having law 5 be maximize income would be easier to understand and more in line with the simple phrasing of the rest of the lawset