Cooperative Delivery Initiative

after two months of (unrelated) intense activity during which information was collected with or without express consent
EPS units return to put a mastermind’s plan into action

we present to you, the Cooperative Delivery Initiative

this compilation features some of the high-energy and sometimes collective efforts to deliver mail in hand on Space Station 13, and also parts of the attempt to make mail reach places it never reached before

credits (open to additions, removals or changes) (apparently limited to 10 mentions)

taylor - original coop bluespace launchpad scenario

EPS units - Delivery Boy
@ColonelOrion (as SRR-023) - EPS’ partner in bluespace launching

@RDS88 (as S.P.A.R.4ky) - Xenobiology Upgrades
@Gilgax (as Wisteria Nickdottir) - Helpful Cargo Technician

unknown Space Dragon and Space Carp
Bongo, John Anderson, No Shoes, Honkgar Beeblehonk - Bystanding Clown Crowd

Sara Bell - Scientist with mail
Jackie Reid - Stranded Virologist

Dixi Benc - Exploration Crew with mail
OSI-120 - Exploration Crew
Lillian Carter - Exploration Crew

@Wikimody (as Alex Knap) - Virologist with mail
@liljackrabbit25 (as MAL-F-TI…N) - Alerted AI

Falcatula Adultera - Rescue Mission Miner
Hizel-Deasa - Rescue Mission Cargo Technician

@DimitriSTK88 (as Sirio Zajcev) - HoP Line Captain

Carbon XII - Mail Echo Chamber

@sugarcubed (as Lavender Addison) - Virologist with mailbot phobia

unknown Xenomorph Queen

@Quantuminfinity, Jaykman, @Wrill - Nuclear Operatives Combat Cyborgs

Rafael Heckendora - CentCom Tax Evasionist
@zimon9 (as Cryphia Liebherri) - Witnessing Captain

Saul Parker - Hard-working Roboticist

special credits to BeeStation community for making this happen
make sure to check this thread for other memorable delivery moments

thank you



Pinging 9 people will bring your doom.


You are a Legend.

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incredibly. Glorious. A work of art

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Bless EPS unit, such a great character, a shame my statue clip didn’t made it!


I forgot just how raw of a line “Don’t disappoint me, or I’ll make you wish you could die” was

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I’m afraid there’s no such clip
I remember the moment, but sadly that’s before I started to record EPS rounds
otherwise I believe that and many other moments would have made for some good clips

This is great!

Althought I’m not in im pretty sure I was the reason for the Dragon mail!

So Joon is, in theory IN THIS VIDEO!


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can confirm this
We Hope You Enjoyed Using EPS’ Services!



Always always!!

Its sad when i dont see EPS around!

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