Coolie mute appeal: third time's the charm

Discord ID: Coolie#6969

Admin Discord ID: No idea

Ban Type: Mute

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 02/14/2021

Ban Reason: please do not post memes about holocaust denialism.

Appeal Reason: Come on. It’s a harmless meme, why the fuck would it cause a warning. I remember when I was told that a new warning would reapply my previous mute, but actually COME THE FUCK ON. If even (honestly hilarious) memes are no longer allowed, what the fuck is? What, are you going to start permabanning people for not using the correct pronouns? Maybe call the cops because they insulted someone’s guts? I am honestly disappointed in what this server has become.

Additional Information: The video was named 69, le funny number.


The warning you are talking about was issued by llol.
You have 2 other warnings issued by Pitersky and Ruko

This should be denied just for the tone of the appeal alone. I’m not inclined to lift my warning at this point. Not sure how @Piterskiy feels since his warning is the oldest, but also for posting nazi memes.

Obligatory ping for @llol111 to give their side, and a reminder that this isn’t the first time a mute has been applied.

Ah yes.
I will post a “meme” spouting far right conspiracy theorys but instead of “Jews” it will say “Pizzas” and that will make it totaly acceptable! There is nothing wrong with this logic what so ever!

Please refer to dicord rules 2, under which content which a reasonable person would find offensive is not allowed.

If you honestly think this sort of thing is somehow acceptable you are not welcome here and you can stick it elsewhere, and i agree with ruko on the tone.

PS.: Did you know our server is hosted in germany, where spreading misinformation on the holocaust is litteraly illegal?

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Why would the far right defend nazis?

What reasonable person would find a humorous video about pizzas offensive? And if they did, I doubt they’d have enough brain cells to understand that the meme is talking about jews.

As I’ve also been informed, somebody once posted a video about “Ben Shapiro 6 million cookies” or something like that. Uh oh, nazi innit. Time to take out the torches and pitchforks.

This is an international community and using the laws of one backwards country to try to stop people from posting stuff you don’t like is the literal meaning of censorship.

If you really think that I’m trying to defend the nazis by posting that meme, then you’d probably be terrified if you ever came across a normal meme channel. By your standards, everyone’s a nazi.

P.S. The meme was funny, that’s why I posted it, not to spread misinformation. I fucking loathe the nazis, those dudes sided with filthy commies.

stay muted for eternity