Construction, Atmos and SM simulations for Holodeck

You know what can be a bitch to get into?

Engineering department, why? Because the Wiki is a bitch to read and people* don’t want to read a thesis length page to know how to do stuff regarding keeping the station and it’s systems in a functional state.

I’m sure we all know how common the SM going BOOM in lowpop is because no engies are aboard to even get the thing started let alone keep it stable, it happens pretty much every 5th round past 7pm where I’m from**.

how do we get more people interested in engineering? learning in a safe enviroment.
Enter the Holodeck, the one place on station that is A: decently sized, B: recreationally and functionally useful, and C: a great candidate readily accessible for said safe enviroment.

I’ll start going over the merits now.

Baby's first SM, Boot up ready.

the holodeck is made with all sorts of neat, static, easily reset scenes that, to my understanding, are just re-uses of assets with minor code modifications applied to the items and structures spawned by the deck to keep them from harming folks and leaving the chamber, this is a close enough description at least.
When you want to reset the chamber, you go up to the terminal and push two or there buttons, BAM, your bloodied field of animal corpses has holo-corgis and cats roaming around again.

Apply this to a simulated SM crystal, a limited holo-atmos simulation of maybe two or three gasses to simulate how gasses typically interact in the chamber, leading to overheats and fires and top it all off with the regular chamber equipment to familiarize that too.
Just skip the Radiation collectors and electrical generation component to simplify the thing abit and avoid any holodeck electricity generation shenanigans.

Basic construction playground

Basically just a room with holo-steel, plasteel and Holo-glass, complete with holo-mechanical toolboxes and a plethora of basic machine circuit boards made to teach how to make and repair airlock doors, windoors and other such building fare, of course benefitting from the quick reset nature of the Holo-deck for quick learning of whatever circuits are provided and afew other things found in the basic material crafting menus maybe.

Atmos 101 sim

If we deal in an SM sim, then we need sim gasses. Time for two birds with one stone, a basic sim on heaters/freezers, gas canisters, atmos heat, pressure and maybe even the running of a fake turbine or fake thermo-machine.

what if, on top of the firing range and thunder dome, we had a mech combat sim? with fake guns, swords and two mechs we could just go ham practicing mech combat?

(*Guilty **I don’t know about what time zone you dudes are in.)


If you don’t want to read a guide or look at some pictures then get another engi to teach you.

The wiki page is also not that long, I don’t get how people can read a book or hundreds and hundreds of lines of chat but crumble as soon as it comes in the form of a wiki page.

I would really suggest learning the SM BEFORE making a suggestion like this, 3 gases does not even scrape the surface of what you need to simulate the SM even remotely accurately.


Interesting idea but sounds practically impossible to do with the current holodeck code. Even if it was, this is a lot of effort spent for sometthing we’re not even sure a lot of people would use.


I got a CRAZY idea for a playground to learn basics of atmos/engineering without fear of causing too much damage :



nah I learn engi on sage highpop


Or Charlie Station (though i think our version of Charlie doesn’t have a SM, but some Charlie on others servers have it) is also good, though you would need to make it a fixed spawn rather than wait for explorers to miraculously get it to spawn


Technical jargon is the “How”.

as for the two or three gasses part.
I know of 5 factors that the SM has that lead to instability:
Heat buildup.
Unexpected gas mixtures leading into heat build up or worse combustion of the atmos mix.
Overapplication emitters leading to unstable SM reactivity.
Improper chamber pressure monitoring leading to vacuum, over-presurization or insufficient heat transfer.
The gaem saying “HEADS UP ENGIES” and giving you an sm spike.

with 3 gasses you can teach 4 of those aspects entirely and have a basic understanding that gases mix in certain conditions like heat and presurization. you don’t know ALL the mixes of ALL the gasses but that’s part of the fun. this isn’t a complete simulation hence “Baby’s first SM”

@LodedDiper yeah I suspected even from a perspective player only that the Holo-chamber’s code is unstable or clunky at best.

I take it the talk about the other two aspects of this is less contentious?
I for one would love to have a mech arena in the holodeck, it’d fuckin rock given how little we see mechs on station.

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