Consider Job Banning (Not Megatron) from Security/Heads

CKEY: Colorando

   Offender’s CKEY: NotMegatron

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Nancy Druid

   Round Number: 18794 , 18602, 17673, 17242, 15877, 13350, 12072, 

   Rules Broken: Self Antaging , Over Escalation , Be Excellent to Each Other

Hey Im not sure if this is really the right place to do it but after reading through bans I believe this should be taken into consideration at the very least. Im making this report as a result of multiple bans/notes and the same thing happening over and over again. Nancy Druid needs a break from security/head roles instead of just 3 - 15 day job bans which is becoming a theme now. Nancy druid is constantly over escalating skipping rp and just going straight to lethals or finding a way that fits their meta. Please stop with the un-lengthy job bans the player clearly is not learning from their mistakes.

This thread is the result of a job ban that occurred when

MRP. Shot at clown a few times with lethals for frying a spare and ID box. Clown was at low health so he fell into crit. Taking the guns away for not being a responsible firearms owner.

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If I remember correctly, I was in that round I distinctly remember that Nancy claiming that the clown fried all the spare ids which is I’d say is genuine pain in the ass.

doesn’t mean you can just kill for it, this wouldn’t even fly on lrp. Also, she now has 2 open reports for actively going to lethals. I’ve gotta guess that she also conveniently had no flash on her this time either despite clearly trying to aprehend criminals again.

Good post, very funny.

Whats funny is that you constantly over escalate and your bans do not escalate past 10 days

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As this is not a particular incident there’s not much to really action here.
Perhaps this would be better suited in suggestions?

Either way there is a large list of notes for admins to look over for next time if needed.