Consider Job Banning (Not Megatron) from Security/Heads (muh duplicate thread)

Well as long as the community in is full reflect back mode.

Kate Bishop got a much harsher ban but Nancy is literally her clone lets end this in the crib before we come back here again later

---- Edit

Lol admemes really be giving people hecka chances

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One time Nancy Druid (Captain) uploaded a “Nancy can declare you valid” law and declared one of my characters (whom she never interacted with) valid. The fun part is, I used a different character, so there was literally no way Nancy could have had a negative interaction with my character to declare it valid.

Oh and when I jokingly send “don’t let Nancy upload that law” over comms a following round, Nancy tried the entire fucking round to fight the Ai and upload that sweet metagaming law, and ahelped me because the Ai just wouldn’t let her in.

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(muh 20 characters)

one time nancy shot me with tracker bullets to track me cuz they thought I was sus after telling sec I was attacked or something, only hit me once but shot me like 20 times

bumping because this is still a valid issue

All I can say is “hey Nancy wanna have a paperwork warden shift”