Confession thread 6: new year new sins

I think you all know the just of it by now

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I turned an IPC into at least 25% human.

I became a fullmin


I picked up an artifact and i used it which deleted everyone’s hardsuit in derelict and gave me a purple ghost pursuer. Then i got lobotomy and i got voice of god and i somehow made 3 people permanently mute somehow.

beautiful, show those robots the true meaning of life

straight to hell


I turned a noob (Literal first round.) into a borg with a Roburger because he said he wanted to be useful.

He is now going to be a regular since i spent 4 rounds teaching him.

I think what changed his mind was me, the cyber augmented catgirl who can fly.

I write code for this godforsaken game.

Today I set the record for longest time as moderator

I’ve been playing League of Legends for 5 years.





you coded in ketamine, you made no sin

no sin of adminery will ever be forgiven

get some help, a church isn’t where you get mental help

same as above

Finally, a kindred spirit!

I spent twenty minutes making a shitty mspaint map of Tubestation and now Loll is mapping it.

I’m lowkey happy that my joke is actually going somewhere but I feel pain

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