Confession thread 5: forgive forever forget

Yadda Yadda post sins I may forgive them in the name of our great lord yadda yadda


Got hijack yesterday and first thing I did is get super surplus crate with holopara and blood red hardsuit, went on to kill everyone in sight aside from le antags, forgive my bloodthirstiness.

that is simply the way of hijack, forgiven


You ever just accidentally floor cluwne someone instead of fireballing them because you pressed the down arrow one too many times?


When I was really, really new and had just learned how to make hellfoam grenades as Chemist, I made one to test and threw it in Medbay when the Emergency Shuttle docked because everyone was gonna be leaving anyway.
Except the shuttle hadn’t docked; I had a hallucination.
No one died, but I was still surprised that I didn’t even get bwoinked when I absolutely should have eaten a ban in hindsight.

everybody makes mistakes, forgiven

you show sorrow, forgiven


As a pacifist moth i accidentally stomped on a roach killing it in the process.

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I made guns bulky so you cannot carry entire armory in your backpack.
Forgive me :pray: :sob:

Ever since I became a human again, I low-key metagrief felinids.
By inconveniencing them slightly or shoving them at a zombie/armblade ling, you know small things like that.
Because I just can’t stand how they yell over common radio about cringe things like asking people to pet them


I fucking hate the word ‘moff’ so fucking much.
Holy shit, I get flashbacks to when I was a Redditor, drowning in that insufferable r/aww baby talk.
Jesus Christ, why do people think mispelling something makes it fucking cute? It makes you look like a moron with a personality that absorbs original, creative thought from the universe.
If you want people to find you ‘cute’ have a character gimmick that goes beyond ‘idiot with a speech impediment’.
Everytime I see someone going around saying ‘moff’ I wanna make like a frog and swallow my fucking eyeballs.

I love this game so fucking much; I love this community so fucking much. But fuck me dead, this contagious brain tumour of a trend drives me up the fucking wall. Please get a bit.


straight to hell with you

that’s the opposite of a sin

fucking gigachad

understandable, forgiven


that is literally an antisin


This series got shit after the second one. How about YOU confess to your crime of milking this series to death and beyond!

Warcrime has no statute of limitations, you cannot be forgiven.

forgive forever i forgor

as a chef, tricked a security guard I needed to kill for an objective into getting in my kitchen by designating it as a rage cage.

alright to hell with you

anti sin

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On my first ever round of MRP (when it was like 15 pop at most) I got traitor as CE and released the singularity on purpose, killed entire station except my 1 target and the admin never found who did it.


Ban he