Confession thread 2: the forgivening

it’s been a while, and you probably sinned a lot, so tell me your sins and I may forgive them

Sometimes when I need to test or fix something, I’ll force a crew transfer vote and rig the vote so it passes. (Forgive me 8-hour Acacia round)





To be honest what we gonna do to you crossed? Admin report?

I once spaced someone because a borg told me its a ling (which they wasnt), never went gung ho on ling calls ever since

Wouldn’t be the first Crossedfall Admin Report. (warning, incredibly awkward)

that is quite sad but understandable forgiven

I am scared
do 20 hail maries or something

you have shown sorrow of this action, forgiven

Yea thats exactly what i meant, its like they going to shoot the pillar they standin on (Im not saying that i agree with full authoritarian stuff etc, but in the end this is your home, we just freeload here)

I hardly tided or powergamed or validhunted on golden for the 5 months I played it.


I once beat a mime to crit by throwing arms at him as a med doc, completely forgetting I was aiming for his head (made even worse when he did nothing to me, I just thought it was funny to throw arms at people). I buckled him to the stasis bed and the shuttle arrived. My ADHD riddled brain went on the shuttle, leaving him behind. He rightly salted in OOC afterwards and told him I didn’t mean to crit him.

I secretly want Bee to go full ERP so I can ERP Ruko and crossed, legally

I write shitcode and meme PRs to distract myself from the large code project I’m working on.

horrendous but forgivable
go on hippie and say every single slur you know

you feel bad that you did it, forgiven

adultery is a sin
necrophilia is a crime

this is not a sin, this is a cope


I got a story. One time, I was chaplain, I think it was on sage or golden, I was kinda new but not too hardcore, but, I didn’t know the incinerator had a wall switch. Boom. A guy breaks into the back room and says… and I quote… “Sex.” then immediately gets in the incinerator. I’m like uh oh a guy and run back to my office. however… I clicked the damn switch for the incinerator accidentally instantly killing that guy. I’m sorry guy.


I might have or might have not accused(and almost killed) a person of being a ling because they eyecolor was slightly different than I meta-remembered.
These were the special times.


Anytime someone just says “space adept” or “i want space adept” to me, I make them pay. Minimum 25 credits, but I have gone up to 2k (which they obviously could not pay, since they were an ass-istant).

I hate entitled whiners. Or people hacking into genetics to beef themselves up with more mutations.


So if they say “Space Adapt” it is free?
You hate their spelling, or that they are asking for that mutation?

I make them buy the injector because their laziness to type out more irks me. Unless we have a “oh shit, there is a breach in medbay” situation, then the curt, quick sentences are warranted.

But in green-alert circumstances, with no visible threat on the horizon, I expect the basic courtesy from people to type out “Could I have space adaptation?” or a variation thereof. If they add ‘please’ after that, I also give them preferential treatment when they visit medbay in the future and need to be patched up or stuff like that.

When I play genetics, I rush hulk specifically to deal with these rude shitters.

Oh you wordlessly break into genetics to get OP mutations on a green alert?
Let me just inject myself with hulk and show you how comfortable stasis beds can be

I shoot them with morphine syringes. Generally 20 u and they are out like the trash they are.