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That’s an old maid’s tale.
The close door button does work on many elevators and standing around accepting the little inconveniences in life are not how I want to live.


The close door button is indeed a functional aspect of elevators and is useful on those with 8 second or greater door close delays.

Sometimes you are one of the few people in the building using an elevator and sometimes you’re one of the few people on a floor using an elevator, this button functions to both speed up how long it takes for the elevator to get you to your destination, as well as get the elevator to other people on other floors.

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Sometimes i like having my hands busy when waiting for the doors to close

ye turns out giving the end user either a tactile dohicky that seems to do something, but doesn’t really, really improves the experience for basically no cost.

Kinda like the final loading bar at the end of personal tax software, you’ve input all the numbers and your computer is fast enough that it already knows, but it takes a moment to dramatize the process so you think it’s doing more than it actually is.

if you’re smart enough about your tax code and want to do your taxes with a computer, just run a spread-sheet program that auto-updates when you input the numbers.

I want a cat but I cannot get a cat as I am currently living with my dad and we have dogs.

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I have both a cat and a dog and it works somewhat


I used to and they wouldn’t really fight at all.

My back hurts and I dont have any chairs short enough to crack it on at home

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I have 2 dogs 2 cats.

Dogs sometimes fight each other.

One dog is afraid of cat 1 the other one growls at her at times.

One dog likes to try to hump cat 2.

Both dogs play with cat 2 sometimes.

Dogs hump each other.

Depends on personality.


I wish SMT 4 was remade for home consoles so more people could play it

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I hate long hair. The upkeep of long hair far outweigh the benefits. Having to comb it every day so it doesn’t tangle is he’ll, if you miss one day you’ll be screaming in pain. Having to wait for hours for it to dry is hell too, making showering something that needs to be planned far ahead into the future. Getting a haircut always gives you the “woman” price with is far more expensive then the man price.
Also if you’re a man, just a milimeter of beard will make your hair stick to your chin. Going outside on a windy day is impossible without a hat or anything to keep it down, it is everywhere. Also people tell me to use hairbands, which fucking hurt as shit over a longer period of time. Only time I use them is when I need to trim my beard.

Maybe doesn’t resonate with anyone here, but if you’re in a moshpit with other people with long hair or jacket studs, your hair will get caught snd you need to coordinate to untangle or you risk ripping your hair out.

Drunk rant over

I feel most of this having kept my hair growing to waist length off and on, especially the velcro beard problem when it’s windy. I don’t feel the haircut price because I only get it cut when it’s ready for donation and donating it makes the haircut free.

I recommend braiding, my wife does it for me and it is 1000x better than the days I have to just tie it back because of time or otherwise. It also keeps it from getting tangled at all during the workday because the braid holds each section exactly as straight as it was before braiding.

I’ve thought about doing this, but my hair takes ages to grow to grow out enough to donate. I used to have a friend nearby who was studying to become a hair stylist, so I subject myself to her for free haircuts. Now I gotta pay 400-500 sek for a haircut. Not to talk about all the bad hair salons there is that rip your hair out.

Maybe it is a skill issue, but I never look good in braids. When I had a gf she would sometimes braid my hair, which honestly gave me headaches after a while, plus I never enjoyed the braided look, I maybe need a bit longer hair for it.

I hate when I get a once in a month ninja role and then get murderated in like 5 minutes. dying like a chump like that makes me wanna go to the highest bridge around and test multi-z level falling damage IRL.

I really dislike how bee is moving away from “beginner friendly.” Most departments require religiously reading the wiki, and some recent proposed changes are making it even more confusing/unintuitive.


When didn’t Bee? Hell. I spent a long ass time in my beginner days look through the Wiki.


You people don’t understand what they mean by beginner friendly. It’s not about the game being easy, it’s about new players getting support and help to learn the game. SS13 is known for being a complex game with tons of stuff in it, making stuff easier and less complex would just remove a lot of fun with the game.

Also, i still look through the wiki to help me with stuff. I think a better approach to this is making new players learn the game without needing to open the wiki, such as having a chemical registry in the chem dispenser or a list over different gas reactions at burnchamber computers.

Also also, why did we remove the popup window of your job while joining a round? Seems like a great way for new players to learn the basics for a job.


I was not under the assumption that it should be easy, but mechanics should be fluid and intuitive. The problem with some of the newer prs is that they do not take into account just how different ss13 is from every other game, not just in complexity, but also in core design. While I think ss13 should remain mostly as it is, we have to consider what ss13 appears to new players. All the systems of ss13 are mostly independent, leading to many conflicts to how certain things are done. And I agree, any game mechanic that is not learnable through the game itself is suboptimal, and actively harmful to the cohesion of the game itself. For static players, making systems harder or more complex appears beneficial as they would have already learned the system in its entirety. For new players, though, learning these systems as they are even using the wiki is incredibly difficult, and not as rewarding as it should, as these systems cannot be learned through natural play.

A possible solution is relatively simple. Add a sort of “learning progression” to games systems. A good example of a system which does this is the SM engine. The first setup you make is pretty easy, and only requires you to know how to turn on vents and basic piping, but as you make more engines, you start to be able to refine your setup.

Anywho, maybe I’m just over reading into this but I feel ss13 is an unusual outlier in the world of video games, and I guess that makes it much harder to properly design the game.

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I hate research assignments they take me 10 times longer to do and give me intense brainrot

Wait people play this game without having the wiki open on another monitor?
That’s crazy. Couldn’t be me.