Complaint thread

Complain about whatever you want here, it can be ss13-related or not. Complain here instead of on discord or in dchat whenever you need to

I fucking hate xenomorphs. They haven’t been touched too much since more than a year and almost anytime it appears it doesn’t just shake a round, it rumbles it.

How come revolutionnaries were removed for being too “LRP” when xenomorph aren’t able to properly communicate with any crews. It’s basically pvp.

I don’t think they should be removed, I just hate the lack of consistancy on how things are changed here sometimes.

Same goes with mining. I think lots of changes on mining are justified, but some are silly and the fact there is such a hard focus on it when some other jobs such as xenobiologist or virologist gets off (almost) scott-free makes me a bit salty


Lame people:

  • Efficiency borgs that shut down stuff like rage cages or constructions because “muh efficiency”.
  • Security officers that try to add as many modifiers as possible or try to nickpick the highest crime possible to have you in brig for the longest time possible.
  • AIs that ask for permission to open for you when they are in an asiimov mode.
  • Helicopter AIs that snitch on everything you do inmediatly
  • Players that get incredibly mad when you tresspass into their sacred territory called “science” and you interrump their hour and a half session of powergaming
  • Mimes that write

I’m most annoyed at myself.
Like, why can’t I stop being a loser?


thanks, i refuse to return to beecord :mechanical_arm: :sunglasses: :+1:

you are not a looser you are cool :3

I despise Apex legends.

You know why? Because I have seen the truth, nay I have been there for the truth’s inception.
From the day that the source engine was graced with the simplicity of a 30 round R-101 later made humble with a 24 magazine, followed with the C.A.R. arose to vex all those after in measures greater after each other and the devious tool of the Smart pistol, infinitely accursing and damning in it’s deadly, self assured precision.

And along side these humble impliments, one of which utterly unknown to the filthy Apex player, are the grander designs, the Titans, Atlas, Styder, Ogre. Each striding tall upon the ground as those smaller ran imperiled upon the walls their arms aligned to flee or assault defiantly.

And then the Vince, holy and devine be he in his understanding the strengths of the source engine, graced us with the grapple pilot, further refined the glorious movement systems and gave to us blessed new shotguns, grenadier type weapons and the primary catagory pistols.

All atop the refined Titan gameplay, with more curated titans to better enforce the flow between Pilot and titan gameplay, while making the ones you get feel more important and demanding more care in their use.

Truly lacking the movement, the insanity that is the grenadier weapons and the titans, along side having only pale imitations of the weapons present in the prior titles, it claims to honor, is Apex legends a scourge upon Titanfall 2 and any hope of it’s future.

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Lavaland swarmers. They have no rights being this annoying !
it’s not “strong” but awfully annoying

omnious laughs from inside a mech


things that annoy me:

  • getting RR’d
  • morphs and swarmers
  • nanites and virology
  • ipcs being hot garbage
  • balance changes that get merged with no poll
  • the SM bug (please put a fucking vent under it every round)
  • seccies who don’t start the timer before processing a criminal
  • atmos techs who silently rip up half of atmos without communicating
  • the new pipe rifle being totally outclassed by the pipe carbine
  • bows being as pathetic as they are expensive to make
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I could tell you exactly what Ruko would say to this, and since he isn’t here ima have to do it.

RP isn’t just talking. Xenomorphs aren’t a threat you’re meant to roleplay with, they’re an immovable force to be roleplayed around. The only reason they even have to be player controlled in the first place is to give the players they kill something to do.

Revs got the axe because they really should have inspired more roleplay than they did, since you can actually talk to revs. However, it tended to become even more chaotic. Generally during xenomorph outbreaks you don’t get people making 100/100 pot/water lances to gib the queen in one shot, but that sort of thing happened all the time during revs’ last days.

The RP that happened during revs was “ALL HEADS TO BRIG PASS OUT MINDSHIELDS GO GO GO” because if you did anything else you died.
The RP that happens during xenomorphs is huddling with your group of survivors in a dimly lit escape pod, telling everyone it’s going to be okay even as you hear skittering and hissing outside.


I dislike Fortnite console aim assist every time im on my way to get a #1 Victory Royale and I’m dominating and I get deleted instantly by a a 13 year old and his boyfriend 99% of the times the XBOX or PlayStation logo appears in their names

My neighbour put a password on his wifi. Unbelievable.


That is their divine right as atmosians, and anyone who questions it or tries to stop them from doing fusion deserves to be hit with the holy fire axe then being removed from the temple.


I get both your point of view and Jaco’s one.

And even if objectively I do agree with Jaco, being a fan of the first aliens movies I can’t exactly be impartial about xenos.

Frontloaded such…

Absolutely true.

But you can/you’re forced to roleplay around cults too.

And revs is, after all, a different form of cults.

The problem is that can happen anytime and anyway with the other modes too.

The taste and the playerbase itself have bettered though, that’s why it doesn’t happen.

If that was the only reason for revs removal, I would have suggested putting the rules that chemists can use their profiency to help the rebel cause, but specifying exactly which kind of explosives, and how potent, they could fabricate and use.

After all it’s the same thing we ask to atmosians. We forbid them to plasmaflood indiscriminately because otherwise the round would be fun just for them. But we don’t forbid them to use all of their mechanics to not make the experience miserable for them.

Each single gametype has its own meta though.

It’s up to us, the players, to make it different! Chasing a good story instead than a boring win!

Even if the meta for heads and sec during revs is that, a stubborn captain or hop can refuse to abandon the bridge to show the loyal members of his crew that he ain’t scared for his life.

So the crew should feel no fear too.

But yeah, the only thing to change for revs it’s the recruitment process. Maybe if we’ll ever put it back in, we could add some more revheads roundstart, but change the recruiting from instant flashing to hypnoflashing.

In that way everything would be slower, more RP heavy and enjoyable both to watch and to partecipate in!

I hope he’s fine? He’s for sure one of the brightiest light of our small server!

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So many things…

  • I hate nightmares, not one apc on the station is left unharmed and i gotta go out and spend 30 minutes fixing an unknown number of apcs hidden across the station. Then I accidentally left my pda flashlight on so my pda fucking disintegrates when he hits me,if i happen to be a tot i’ve lost my uplink too and a ton of tc. After shrivledick has carefully and slowly disassembled your pda into perfect sheets of iron with his anushook of an arm you also loose your id that youll quickly forget while you try to run away, either he is nice and kills you on the spot when the maints door wont open for your or he is a dick and steals your id to go destroy all the other apcs.

  • I hate morphs, fat short green snot-monster that eats everything and everyone. 5 minutes after its spawns armory is empty. 10 minutes after its spawns ore silo is gone and all its mats. 15 minutes after it spawns it has tricked some poor fucker into clicking on it then they got promptly eaten. 20 minuets after it spawn shuttle is called because the station is at a standstill. 30 minutes after it spawned someone finally kills it and now you gotta move a ton of guns, bodies and mats to their right place (which nobody got the energy or time to do).

  • I hate swarmers, theyre the same as morphs but they are many and they eat the station instead. Theres no way you can get rid of these once they spawn, only way is to kill the first one when they spawn, but thats never going to happen. Theyre always get the shuttle called.

  • I hate Secoffs, worse than any tot because the fuckers know that they can ruin someone round early and with ease. Them seeing someone doing the most minor of crimes sends them into a euphoric and eroticsized mania, getting to run up without saying a word and fuck some poor sod in the back with their big baton before pulling them back to brig without even stating what their crime was. Don’t forget that they gotta wait 5 minutes before even starting the timer because you gotta justify a harsher punishment. Once youve stripped them fully nude and had a nice look at their depraved body you put on their fancy prison suit and leave them in bed, you leave their cuffs on as a present because you felt nice. Best is to close the shutters so they cant look outwards, then stand at their celldoor while you jerk off with pride at the thought how miserabel they are and how you fucked over their tot gimmick completely.

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Alright guys, this is it. Toy Story Schitzopost

Toy Story 3 was garbage. What a trite movie. Allow me to elaborate as you can’t stop me.

So first, Andy is now 17 going to college (at 17? Great life there spud), and he’s going to donate all his old toys he somehow kept in pristine condition for 10~ years, okay. Fuckin fine, I mean no adults have any toys around, y’know, like the villan in TS2.

So he drops off the toys at Sunnyside (Only saw the movie once so forgive me if i’m wrong on detail) and they instantly say “naw fuck Andy kinda” and move on, meet a big pink bear name of like Stuffo or Lotso or some kind of ehhh ass mafia name (unlike Blotto, which has class), and yada yada they throw the toys on some kind of weird huge trash destroyer machine, which exists, and they slooowwwly hug and cry and shit as they almost die, then they don’t, then they’re like “yeah homies let’s turn this place around and it’s natural for toys to move on” but then they somehow all wind up together again and then Toy Story 4 happens and 3 may as well have never happened really.

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To be honest, all of atmos deserves to be ripped up, the roundstart setup is so terrible…


Basically, fuck mid-rounds based on eating shite.