Compensation adding for botany strange seed nurf

Plentiful liquids

  • the new trait ‘Plentiful liquids’ has been added, making reagents inside of a plant doubled. (10% Vitamin will become 20% Vitamin)
  • It doesn’t go over the cap, but also conflicts with ‘Densified Chemicals.’ (one of two traits is only allowed to one plant.)

Strange Seeds

  • Now it can mutate into one of the Lavaland plants randomly.


  • Now it has 3% of Silver


  • Now it has Fermentation: Iron

Leaking Plasma Garlic

  • Visually Purple garlic.
  • Acquisition: Mutate Garlic
  • Nutrient 5%, Stable Plasma 4%
  • Fermentation: Plasma
  • leaks a little plasma to air when this plant is destroyed or used. It will eventually make the atmos bad. Fermenting it will be risky, but rewarding enough to get plasma.
  • Plasmaman likes this. When they use it, It doesn’t leak any plasma.


  • Visually mime color of Lime
  • Acquisition: Mutate from Lime
  • Contains nothing, literally.
  • Fermentation: Nothing
  • Plentiful liquids trait (the new trait)
  • Some ironical plant.

Glass Bead

  • Visually same to Rice
  • Acquisition: Mutate from Rice
  • Contains nothing.
  • When harvested-
  • Returns some seeds always.
  • 99% chance to produce glass shards.
  • 0.5% chance to produce Diamond.
  • 0.5% chance to produce Bluespace Crystal.
  • and always deals 10 brute damage to your hand which touched it, and make you bleed. If you equip gloves, do damage to your gloves and deals half damage instead.


  • Now botanist’s closet has a Plumbing tool, but it only has extremely limited machines:
  • Grinder, Tank, Bottle press, Fermentater(a new grinder. When you put plants into this, It will fermentate.)

Since CC took the fun from Botanist(although not all of the fun), I’d like to give them another toy instead.


I am going to add it myself, but I’d like to hear people’s opinion for that first.

Is there a clowns laugh in a can fluid that can be made from anything? If not it would be fun if you could add that too, would greatly help bartender who needs both Nothing and Laughter for job specific drinks

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The strange seed update was a mistake pulled through by people who either didn’t give a fuck or don’t understand game design or dynamics. Just wait for either it to be reverted or for botany to be fully removed.

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Botany will be removed after Xeno and chemistry

If you do change that could you update the wiki page too ?
And the glass rice always hurting your hand even with gloves seems just anoying to me.

plentiful liquids seems like something extremebly abusable and quickly becoming unfun. poppy’s contain morphine, as a example.

You know hydro can also just grow stuff not to kill people or become demi-god right?