Combat Mode

Makes combos easier iirc

They’re way more ergonomic to use.

I much prefer going into grab intent then holding down ctrl, since pressing down ctrl is the same key that makes you rotate instead of move

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Unbind it silly

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I have no strong feelings one way or the other!

Good luck PB.

actually i think it would be cool if you couldnt see whats happening behind you

make it so we can sneak up on people
180 degree vision NOW

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honestly I could only get behind such dynamic vision if rather than blacking out an area behind you, the camera was offset ahead of you and looking in that direction shifted it.

the only server i recall with directional fog of war is tg (gas mask blindness) and sr (general blackout behind you regardless of facewear)

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yeah I quite dislike it.

this would make me sick I think


yeah it’d need some kind of short scroll so its not vomit inducingly jerky.

me when I *spin and i vomit instantly irl


We need melee cooldowns, especially for martial arts. Maybe a visible “stamina” bar that depletes the more moves you do. This would force people using martial arts to think more strategically about how to approach combat.

People don’t overspam moves. It’s normally the one move and then punching (since they don’t stack.) We also literally have melee cooldowns, you can only do one melee action (hitting, throwing, grabbing, etc) every 0.8 seconds.

I mean longer melee cooldowns that vary between moves, for example moves that realistically would use more effort causing you to be winded for longer.

so like goons wrestling belt type of deal?

I like combat mode alongside porting some of the other cool stuff aka heretic would be more easy

Maybe? I haven’t played goon.

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Yeah we should def port heretic that sounds like such a cool addition

I was thinking about martial arts, it would be way better if most of them just didn’t use grab and they also showed the current streak above a target’s head with some user specific overlays.

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