Colonelvukasin mentor application

Your CKEY: Colonelvukasin

Your Discord: vukasinkrnic#7406

How long have you been playing ss13?: about 100+ hours

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: i really have nobody on SS13

Game Experience (More Detailed): I am experienced in Medical,Science,Sec,Cargo,Command. As for maps i know the layout pretty well

-Medical: (i am the most experienced in medical)
1)Medical doctor: pretty experienced in M.D, usually play as him
2)Chemist: i am good at it but still learning
3)Geneticist: professional
4)Virologist: Personally don’t like to play as him (boring plus you will get lynched if there is a random virus outbrake),but also experienced at Viro
5)CMO: gets pretty boring fast

1)Scientist: Just got around to playing Scientist, pretty new but also pretty good at some thing like Nanites, RnD, Toxins, etc.
2)Roboticist: Been playing him for a long time (not just on BeeStation) expert
3)RD: rarely play him to be honest

-Security (i don’t like Sh*tcurity but nevertheless experienced)
1)Security Officer: know space law pretty well (as a guideline that is), played the least out off all sec
2)Warden: usually play as HoS but if that job is taken i have no problem to play as warden
3)Detective: a personal favorite from all the jobs on SS13, i’m like a SS13 version of Sherlock Holmes
4)HoS: a pretty hard job considering you need to be really robust to not mess things up, the most experienced out off all sec jobs

1)QM: ahh the good ol’ QM, the self proclaimed king of Cargonia, the most timed played (if i count all the hours i have spent time playing QM i would have around 20+ hours from all the servers combined)
2)Shaft miner: good at mining,and mining equipment, but bad at hunting fauna (especially megafauna)
3)Cargo technician: pretty good but almost never play him because i always get QM

1)Captain: used to play him quiet a lot but stoped after a “accident” and it was too role-play intensive for me
2)HoP: dont play him usually, but when i do you’ll be happy i did

Just no, never played them, never understood engineering, i dont have the time to learn all of that and its to complicated for me to understand (i hope you can understand)

-Antagonists (HELP insert antagonist here THEY ARE KIDNAPPING ME!!)
I dont usually get that very many antag rounds so i cant say for sure but i know that lings are too OP

P.S English is not my first language and i use the cyrillic alphabet so sorry for any typos

Bruh dis bitch robust and seems to be smart gamer man

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Though I wish you had basic engineering knowledge, so i’ll suggest you to play some rounds as engineer or atmos.

+1 average answers good amount of time, 2 pages of notes but seems to be improving.

Damn found this app from months ago that wasn’t closed out. They have gained roughly 200 hours on Bee, still active, and had a strong application even back then.

If you still check forums and see this, I think you should be a mentor.


Going to put this old boy to rest. Sleep sweet prince.

Only senior and head admins can process mentor applications.

My mistake. Would you be able to process or give opinion on this? The person applied in October.

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holy shit, this is back from october. one headmin and half of the admin team resigned since then. @Xlyana @Lagomorphica do something

+1 if my vote counts since im perma’d :flushed:
seems swag obama

+1 If he is still active since October, then here is my one plus point. As well, 5 months damn man. This man deserves to be mentor.

Accepting. Giving permissions now