Collection of admin rulings

this thread exists to try and keep people from being punished for things that aren’t readily apparent in the rules. it is not a place for debate/discussion, just a reference page for reasons people have been banned that can be summed up to the discretion of individual admins. if you find a ruling that:

  • some admins disagree on, but a ban or report for it was sustained regardless
  • was for non-roleplay behavior in a way that is not immediately obvious
  • you see a lot of people getting away with even though someone got banned for it

please add it here so that people can check and see what not to do. you can either write up a summary or link the appropriate ban appeal/player report.

R0 rulings are all done on an ad-hoc basis. There are no added “admin rulings.” This was a major part of the actual rework we did. To be clear, if they aren’t in the official rules, then don’t expect them to be applied regularly. To prevent possible future confusion, I’m going to be locking this before it has a chance to actually go anywhere.

If there’s a rule that isn’t clear and needs additional clarification, a far better approach would be to contact a head admin so we can either adjust accordingly or so that the rules can be properly clarified.