Cogumelo Games Player Report

In-game report

CKEY: Boxta

Your Discord: Baddusername#8587

Offender’s CKEY: CogumeloGames

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Andromeda Stacy

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 6/11/2021

Round Number: 30453

Rules Broken: R4 Do not self antag

Incident Description: This mostly affected another player, But they did kill me twice for no reason although I was a antag. They never knew I was a antag, however. First, This chaplain chooses fire path, and uses monkeys to gain favor, eventually fireproofing themselves, They went around, always on fire, and bumped into multiple people multiple times, setting them on fire. While not really a attempt to murder with intent, they still harmed people a lot. Afterwards, a assistant makes a funny suicide machine, and when specifically asked not to, Soul shards the assistant, both destroying their body, and making them unclonable even without the body. While doing this, they were also a asshole to people, and used some form of chemical spray to light multiple people on fire with intent to kill. They light the assistant with the spray, burning a hole through the floor and venting the area. After a bit, they call the shuttle with stolen AA, and 3~ minutes before the shuttle gets here, lights a clown on fire for no real reason, and then murders a chef who tried to drag their body away from being sacrificed. They killed multiple people, made multiple people unclonable


I’ll take a look at that.

@Boxta were you valid to chap at any point?

I don’t believe I ever did something to be valid to chap.

Don’t forget to read into this, but I don’t think logs support people swapping places
Giving you a heads up as you’d have missed out on it otherwise.

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Setting on fire by bumping is logged. While it’s generally bad to be a walking torch, most of the bumps were accidents, and the person immediately extinguished those they set on fire.


Player has been permanently banned for intentional abuse and sharing of exploits.

Rejecting this report since there is no reason to process it at this time, sorry we didn’t get to it in a timely fashion.