Coders are implementing ERP oh god oh fuck

That reminds me I should really learn some more coding.

I love how the forum cut “simple” into simp in the pr link.


Can someone explain to me what CBT means?

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CBT is shorthand for Combat, e.g: CBT Freighter, a freighter adapted to combat.


After a few weeks playing on tg regularly, i can say that *kiss emote is only used to annoy people by macro spamming catgirls ( especially in medbay). While its funny to have a *kiss standoff or getting batoneg by sec for shooting them with love, its kinda useless and cringe. Also pr made by felind main, why doesn’t it surprise me. PLAY A FUCKING HUMAN IVAN BEFORE YOU GO FULL BLUETURBO.


Common Building Tooling
no idea what that means or does, but its got to do with TGUI i guess

It’s for on-demand compiling of TGUI instead of handling conflicts in a compiled javascript module bundle through the repo.

every modern GUI in SS13 uses JavaScript to work. Every javascript source file gets compiled down to a single unreadable blob to save space.

When two people change different parts of TGUI, the blobs that they make will conflict.
Since the TGUI blob is generated from code, it shouldn’t be distributed with the repository, since it will always cause merge conflict and be annoying.
We currently distribute the TGUI blob with the repository so that people without NodeJS installed can compile the server code because that’s an extra step to get it working, and that can be hard.

This new build system avoids the blob conflict issue, and makes it easy to build TGUI when you compile the game.

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It’s an emote…

I’ll be fine. I don’t find it fun to be a generic human, being a generic cat is more fun.

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I’m against *kiss because people running around with pet collars and meta buddying up as felinids is already more than enough.


Replace felinid’s ‘hug’ verb with ‘fondle’

Replace help intent on waist from “No Erp!” to permaban

It now alerts admins.

EDIT: I’m gonna PR this.

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